plunger_stripe41Last week my posts were about using the “vitality-meter” to help me decide what things and activities bring me energy and joy.

Today when I was reading a post from Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News, I noticed her headline: Do You Have Room for the Mediocre?

While it may seem like life is long and there is time and space for everything, I invite you to ponder Jeri’s question. Do you have room (or time?!) for the mediocre? What would our lives be like if we replaced the mediocre with people, objects, and activities that truly gave us energy and brought us to life?

Bless her soul. Jeri even gives us an example of a toilet plunger that is colorful and fun! (Check out Alice Supply Company!) And imagine a life in which you could find joy, well … plunging in!