Full moon and fireworksLife is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. —Anonymous

Some things in the last week that fit into that category for me:

1. Watching fireworks from a ferry boat on the San Francisco Bay with a huge full moon overhead — and an elderly woman next to me oohing and ahhing, “Purple! Gold! Oh so beautiful!”

2. Reading The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

3. Renting a surrey in Golden Gate Park and letting my 8-year-old son (Kayne) be the driver. Seeing him as an infant, child, teenager, and elderly man all at once.

4. Watching the sun set and the moon rise at the beach in Pacifica, waves crashing wildly.

5. A video my son’s dad made for me for Mothers’ Day in which he interviewed Kayne about who I am. How tender it felt to watch him struggle to step outside of his own Kayne world and really attempt to see me.

6. The smell of cinnamon bread when I walked in the room.

If you made your own list, even just one or two things, from the last week, what would be on it? Will you tell me by clicking in the comments?