Rich lavender field with a lone tree
Yesterday morning I awoke with this anxiousness about getting things done. My head was filled with so many details and worries about checking things off the list. While meditating I saw so clearly how I can slip (headfirst!) into “DO” mode and forget the whole spirit behind Simply Celebrate. I kind of forget the spirit of being alive. I get robotic: Must-call-this-person. Must-write-this-inspirational-piece. Must-do-do-do-do. (And there is no lyrical tone to those do-do-do’s!)

Luckily the idea popped into my head to go for a walk with my beau, Ian, who happens to have a natural tendency to come to life anytime he is outdoors. I asked him if he would lead me on a “come to my senses” walk. Which he did. He pointed out the bold, gleeful purple of the flowers, the sassy zebra stripes all along a tree trunk, the masses of wisteria on a house, the streaks of color in the sky. Ahhhh.

I came home and tackled that to-do list. But with a wonderful sense of actually being alive while doing it.

I immediately wrote to my biz partner, Tricia, and asked her to give me a nudge when we’re meeting and I’m not having fun. When I’m taking it all too seriously and not laughing or seeing any magic. “Wake me up when I’m asleep, will ya?!”

We teach what we need to learn. And every day, moment by moment, I’m learning how to come to life.

Do you have someone you can call when you realize you’ve lost touch with the energy of your life? Create some pacts with friends. Or, visit this blog and write me a note — no doubt, you can be my “come to your senses” friend, too!