Tiny book

Tiny Book: How to survive in the dark


library-webMy dear friends, Amy Tingle and Maya Rachel Stein, rode a tandem bicycle 1400 miles from Boulder to Beloit in 2015. They brought Little Free Libraries, tandem poetry, deep joy, and crazy creativity wherever they went.

I just love their Type Rider 2 project!

Before they left on their trip, they invited folks to create tiny little “how to” books that could be included in their “Tiny Traveling Library.” I had a great time making a few!

I was lucky enough to cheer Amy and Maya on as they ended their trip in Beloit at the Poetry Garden. I spent a lot of time just browsing through these amazing tiny books and soaking in the wisdom of people of all ages.

Watch the short video (above) to read one of my Tiny Books created for (and currently traveling with) The Creativity Caravan’s Little Traveling Library. It’s called, “How to Survive in the Dark.”

If you get inspired to make a “How To” book of your own, here’s one link to creating the blank book. Be sure and let me know what you write a book about!


Note: I created this page and posted my Tiny Book the week before Robin William’s tragic suicide. To read my blog post about the darkness that prompted me to create this Tiny Book, click here.