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LoveGram: Make the holidays your own



Hello beautiful friend. 

Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram. 

Today I send you a tiny brown bird with a yellow belly. 

I send you a shiny penny on your path. 

I send you a dark sky overhead, studded with stars. 


Thank you for being here with me. 

I love that we get to share these conversations. 

I’m grateful for the times you respond and let me know what you are thinking about or how the audio landed for you! 

I’m grateful when you listen and reflect all on your own. Or, maybe you talk to someone in your circle about the ideas here. 

It means a lot to have a chance to share what’s on my mind with YOU! 

In today’s LoveGram, we are creating space to think about the upcoming holidays. 

For some people this time of year can be stressful and exhausting. For others, it feels too quiet and lonely. The holidays can be extra happy and bright. Or, they can feel like a drain on time, energy, and money. 

(To listen to the audio, just click over to this page, scroll down, and hit “play” on the audio player.)


There’s no judgment AT ALL for whatever your feelings are about the holidays. I hope you will offer yourself the gift of being able to assess ’em without feeling like there is a “right way” to feel or be. 

There’s not! 

It is essential to give ourselves room to choose who and how we want to be in our lives — even at the holidays!

So, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or can’t choose to go along with some age old rituals that other family or friends love. 

It just means we can be intentional about choosing — and not simply stumbling through all the holiday happenings in a trance, as if this is a play and the script has been finalized. 

I hope you will take 15 minutes to listen. 


Thank you for being here and being someone who cares deeply about living a life that is aligned with who you are and your true values. 

Thank you for who you are and for your wonderful, loving heart! 

Listen to your audio LoveGram now.  

I’m grateful to be on this journey with you. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, come to this free workshop in Mill Valley on Friday, November 18th. I want to meet you!! We’ll be talking about how to make the holidays more meaningful. AND, I will be walking everyone through the joyful process of creating a LOVE LIST! Register here!

P.P.S. Just published an article in Kind Over Matter on this very topic! Find more reflection questions here! 


{Uplift Gifts} Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Days

Hello Friend!

I hope you’ve been having a good week. I hope you’ve been treating yourself kindly. I hope you’ve shared some moments of spontaneity and laughter with people you love.

If you listened to my most recent Sunday Audio LoveGram, you know that I just spent a couple weeks in my hometown in Ohio, staying with my mom.

In that LoveGram, I talked about pausing to enjoy simple moments with people in our lives and remembering that our lives go by quickly.

Well, I certainly got to experience both of those things during a visit with my longtime, dear friend, Lisa. (Pictured above!)

Lisa and I have been friends since 1977, ever since her family moved into the house across the street from mine. That’s 44 years! (“Where has the time gone?! Can we possibly be this age?”)

Lisa’s mom still lives across the street from my own mom. And, since Lisa lives in Cleveland, just a couple hours away from our hometown, we make it a point to see one another every time I am in the area.

Of course, seeing my wonderful friend is always a huge gift. No matter what we do while together, we both get to cherish this decades-old friendship.

But, as you can see from those photos above, there is something that we’ve been doing over and again that adds some extra oomph to our time together. It is that zip-a-dee-dooh-dah element that marks our meetings in a way that makes them extra memorable.

You can probably guess what it is!

Ever since we’ve been teens, we’ve taken photos in which we are wearing our hair the same way, sporting the same clothes, or donning some funny accessory.

The very first time we did this was for that photo of us as cheerleaders. We deliberately braided our hair in the same way on opposite sides of our heads so we could mirror one another!

It’s silly, right?


But you know what else it is?


Sometimes lighthearted, “unimportant” rituals we have with people we love can exactly the thing that deepens our relationship.

Think about this for yourself.

Do you have a friend with whom you always meet at the same coffee shop? (Pre-pandemic, that is.) Do you always bake snickerdoodles with your mom and you each pop one in your mouth while it’s still burning hot? (Ouch! But also, ha-ha!) Do you and your cousin always greet one another by both belting out Bruce Springsteen’s line, “Baby we were born to run!” at the same time?

Make no mistake, these moments are gifts.

That’s right. Some of the very best gifts we give one another are experiences that help us feel close and connected.

I’m pretty certain that laughing with someone we love over an ongoing joke or sharing silly adventures are things we will remember way more than most tangible gifts.

It’s important that we start understanding this at a deeper level.

The positive energy we bring and the joys we experience with people we love are long-lasting gifts. They are touchstones.

Pause right now. Think about the people you are closest to and consider if there are rituals or habits or we-always-do-this things that can be treasured like jewels on the necklace of your relationship.

The idea is to start holding these experiences as beautiful gifts. When you share these moments with someone, be sure to pause and “put a frame around them” by saying something that expresses your joy and appreciation.

If you don’t already have rituals or zip-a-dee-doo-dah memorable moments, consider creating them.

What can you repeatedly do with your friend or family member that brings a smile to your faces? It can as simple as what my friend Lisa and I do — taking selfies when we are at TJ Maxx and trying on furry vests, neon pink faux leather coats, or Americana scarves and purses.

Will you give it a try?

Let me know! Tell me what adds some zip to your friendship!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry