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{Celebration Superstar} Meet Christina!


I hope you are having a good week, my friend. I hope you are feeling loved and that every day you’ve been noticing something beautiful in the world, maybe a tiny bird or someone’s smile.

If this hasn’t been such a good week, I hope that there’s someone in your life who gives great hugs. And I hope you’ve been extra kind and gentle to yourself. I hope you make some tea with honey. I hope you go look at the stars and wear your favorite knitted scarf. 

No matter how you are feeling when you read this email, I hope it makes you smile and remember that, no matter what, we can create a tiny bit of celebration. (Even when things feel dark and hard. Especially then!)


Do you remember last week when I wrote to you about the joy of creating a Super Supper?

(No problem if you don’t remember. Click here to read!)

A few days after I sent it, I received a note from Christina Shook, a friend whom I’ve known for more than 20 years.

Christina wrote to tell me about a “Fakesgiving Celebration” she hosted! (Don’t you just love that name?!)

Christina told me that she’d seen some turkeys on sale at the market and so she bought one. She said, “Then we invited some new friends over for dinner. We did the whole (but simplified) Thanksgiving dinner thing — stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce. We set the table fancy, too, of course. It was a hoot!”

You can imagine how delighted I was to hear Christina’s story.

I immediately emailed her back and asked, “What do you think it was that enabled you to go from ‘Let’s have turkey’ to ‘Let’s have Fakesgiving?’ How did you make that delightful leap?”  

Christina responded, “The leap from turkey to Thanksgiving seemed like a clear path. What are you going to do with 20 pounds of turkey?! You kinda have to share it. Turkey is a naturally celebratory dish that must be shared!”

She said, “One thing leads to another, just like how you described your Super Supper. It’s like that book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie…”

(Ha ha. In that book, a boy gives a cookie to a mouse and it leads to a glass of milk and a straw and more … and more!)

Christina gave some details: “First the turkey. Then the guests. Then the big tablecloth. Then the candles. Pretty soon you’ve got a Fakesgiving happening!”

She said, “Our friends enjoyed it entirely and they brought the pies. And, of course, we all expressed gratitude and made toasts— which you kinda have to do, with the whole table set with bounty and friends.”


Bravo, Christina! What a Celebration Superstar, right? She took an ordinary turkey and turned it into an extraordinary Fakesgiving dinner filled with special touches, joy, gratitude, toasts, and bounty! 

Here are some elements of this story that delight me:

  • Christina followed each of the little ideas that dropped in. She didn’t say, “Nah, that’s too much trouble to get out the good tablecloth or to dig out the candles.”
  • Christina named the event. Sometimes, simply putting a name to something cements it in our minds as unique and special. We see it differently.
  • Christina invited others into the joy.
  • Christina made sure to pause during that dinner — offering toasts! — to acknowledge the moment and to intentionally celebrate her friends and the bounty.
  • Christina knew that her story would make me happy, so she took the time to write and tell me, thus spreading even more joy!

[Here’s a message just for her: Christina, I am celebrating YOU today! I love this story. I love that you followed the bread crumb trail of creating joy! Woot woot!]


  • I also want to celebrate a couple other things that I know about Christina. For one, that she is a talented photographer who intentionally brings beauty, love, and compassion to her work.
  • I am also celebrating that she is a caring and loving mother and wife. Through the years, she’s always kept family at the center of her world and have made people a priority in her life.
  • Christina has also been a living example of “Say it Now,” by reaching out to me often to thank me for my work or to request a letter for someone during my Birthday Kindness Project.


Please join me today in celebrating Christina.

I hope her story might inspire YOU in some brand new way this week. Will you allow a Give a Mouse a Cookie experience to come to life in some unexpected way?  

Listen, this pandemic has weighed us all down with so much grief, illness, and discouragement.

YOU can be the one to lift others up. YOU can be the one to bring tiny moments of you. They don’t have to look like a big ole turkey and a table full of friends. Those moments can be 100% unique to YOU. 

I started this letter to you with the word, “notice.” I want to end it with that same really important word.

Please notice what wants to come through you. Notice the little nudges you get. Follow them. Trust them.

Look for the sparkles and tiny pinpricks of light. They will lead you to that experience of turning ordinary days into an extraordinary life. 

I love you and am cheering you on, always.

Thanks for who you are. YOU  MATTER!

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry

Some gifts for you …


Happy holidays!

I see you. I see your generous heart and your loving spirit.

Thank you for who you are.

In appreciation, here are some gifts from me to you:

  • I send you peace, love, and ease.
  • I send you a long nap in the middle of the day, your cats snuggled beside you.
  • I send you Grandma’s quilt wrapped around you as you read a great book.
  • I send you laughter with your best friend as you sip cinnamon tea.
  • I send you the memory of your childhood and the sound of your mother’s voice late at night.
  • I send you a kiss on the forehead.
  • I send you a deep sigh of letting go.
  • I send you a heart that can hold your grief just as confidently as it holds your joy.
  • I send you the surprise of colored lights as you turn a corner where you thought it was pitch dark.
  • I send you striped candy canes and the smell of pine.
  • I send you a pillow scented with lilac.
  • I send you deep sleep.
  • I send you a sky full of twinkling stars who hold your secret dreams.
  • I send you oceans of release.
  • I send you long meals with people you love.
  • I send you clove scented candles and flickering flames.
  • I send you a hot bath with eucalyptus bubbles.
  • I send you a space of time to sit and gently watch the sun set.
  • I send you the giggles of children.
  • I send you your own heart’s squeal of delight.
  • I send you buttered toast on a quiet morning before the sun rises.
  • I send you the sound of snow crunching under your feet.
  • I send you the smell of a newborn’s sweet cheeks.
  • I send you a box filled with hope.
  • I send you one more breath, one more moment.
  • I send you here, now, all okay.
  • I send you the deepest love for who you are and for your sweet heart.
  • I send you peace.

No matter what you celebrate, may it be cozy and full of love. 

Seek celebration—even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry

Wishing with a Friend


I want you to meet my friend, Alexa whose mission in life is to help you make your wishes come true.

Alexa is a jewelry designer and author of the book, Wishwork: Make a Wish, Do the Work, and Watch It Come True.

I met Alexa recently because a friend of mine, Carrie, was wearing a bracelet during a video call and she told us how excited she was that there was a pretty capsule on the bracelet, designed to hold a tiny scroll with a wish on it. Carrie said she could already feel like her wish was getting closer, simply by choosing to write it — and wear it.

I was enchanted by the idea of “wearing our wishes.”

Carrie inspired me to  visit Alexa’s website to order a wish bracelet for a girlfriend as a thank you gift. As soon as I popped on Alexa’s website, it occurred to me that I knew her: she was a fellow Mango Press author!

I contacted Alexa immediately and ordered a couple bracelets as special gifts. The friends I gave them to really loved them!



Listen to our Conversation on Alexa’s Wishworks Podcast

That connection with Alexa prompted her to invite me to be a guest on her Wishworks podcast. Yay! Yes! Alexa and I had so much fun. We talked about what it means to show up exactly as who we are, the process of living in happiness, and how to celebrate no matter what.

I think you’ll love this podcast episode and can listen here.



Wish with a Friend for the New Decade

After spending an hour with Alexa during the podcast recording, I just knew I wanted to introduce her to you. We conjured up an idea to offer you a way to share the joy of a Wishworks bracelet — and wishing process — with a dear friend of yours.

Alexa has generously offered to give my Simply Celebrate community a buy-one-get-one-half-price discount on any of her beautiful bracelets! That way you can make a new decade wish for yourself and also invite a friend to wish, too!

If you use this link, it will automatically adjust the total!  (Please note: one use per customer. Also, although the bracelet may not arrive in time for actual Christmas, it can be a Christmastime or New Year’s present!)

This means, not only can you share the BFF joy of having wishing bracelets, but that you can commit to supporting one another in making those wishes come true. 

And guess what?

Alexa and I are offering a free virtual wishing gathering that will get you and your friend started on the wishing journey.


Come to a Free Wishcircle with Alexa and Me

A Wishcircle is an uplifting event where people make wishes…together!

Alex will kick off the Wishwork process, discuss how to make our wishes together, and give some tips on staying committed to the wishes we make.

This Wishcircle will be held from 10am-11am PST on Sunday, December 29th.  

To join this Wishcircle virtual gathering follow the instructions below the PS’s.

Seek celebration — and bring a friend!

xo Sherry


P.S. Your buy-one-get-one-half-off special discount is available through December 31, 2019.

P.P.S Here’s more information on Alexa: Alexa Fischer is the creator of the goal-setting, wish-granting jewelry company Wishbeads and author of the book Wishwork. She’s also an online educator, coach, and speaker whose work shares the common goal of helping people go after their dreams, build their confidence, and break free from fear.

P.P.P.S In the spirit of transparency, I want you to know that I’m an affiliate for Wishbeads. (But that’s because I believe so wholeheartedly in Alexa’s work!) This means I earn 10% from any sales I make. I want to be honest and clear with you, always! But trust me, I would never ever share with you any product or service that I haven’t personally experienced and LOVED. And I’m truly excited about this beautiful jewelry that helps keep us all more intentional about making our dreams come true.

P. P.P.P.S You do not need to purchase anything or officially sign up in order to join the Wishcircle virtual gathering. This is a gift for you, no strings attached. We wanted to make it free and simple. Just follow the instructions above to join. You also do not need to bring a friend. But if you do gift someone with a Wishbeads bracelet, I encourage you to come to the workshop together and commit to supporting one another in a big wish for 2020! There is power in our BFF relationships!

How to Join this Virtual Wishcircle

Sunday, December 29th

10am PST/1pm EST

This workshop will be held virtually, via Zoom. You can join a Zoom call by dialing in on your phone, using the Zoom app on your phone, or logging in on your computer.

Please bring paper and pen. 

If you log in via computer, you can choose to be on video or to turn the video off.  Sherry and Alexa will have their video on, but you can choose whatever feels most comfortable to you. (Feel free to come in your pajamas, sweats, or lounge wear!)

Join Zoom Meeting on the computer, with or without video

Meeting ID: 862 095 566

Use one tap mobile app on your phone
+14086380968,,862095566# US (San Jose)
+16699006833,,862095566# US (San Jose)

Use your phone and dial by your location
+1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 862 095 566
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ac57WchJmM