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LoveGram: Sending love backward


Hey there, beautiful friend! I am thinking of you and sending love.

Today I send you a letter postmarked from the future, addressed to your beautiful now self.

I send you the whispers of the willow trees, “hello, hello, hello” as you pass.

I send you a wave of well-being, the sun on your face and a small butterfly flitting by.


Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram.

Today’s LoveGram was inspired by an event I attended called “Love Letters for Vincent,” which was described so beautifully as “An online salon of love and memory on the anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s death, weaving together his exquisite and vibrant paintings with music and poetry inspired by his artwork by pianist/composer Kayleen Asbo and poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer.”

Van Gogh was not a commercial success in his lifetime, he was lonely and struggled with severe depression and poverty. He shot himself and died at age 37.

The art salon was held on July 29, the anniversary of Van Gogh’s death.

It was intended as a way to send love back across the decades — hoping that this love, compassion, and appreciation would touch Van Gogh and let him know he is beloved.


What does that have to do with you, my friend?

Well, this: maybe you can send some love backward, too. Maybe there is a part of you who needs the kind of healing and love we all practiced sending to Van Gogh?

Is there a small child who was scared every night when the lights went out? Is there a fifth grader who felt left out and whose friends abandoned her for others? Did you long for something you never got? Did you try something and fell flat on your face? Is there a teenage you, who was left crying in her room after a bad breakup? Did you have an alcoholic parent and your life felt unstable? Were you sick and missed a big part of childhood? Did kids make fun of you?

Was there a you, way back when, who could really use some love from the you, right here and now?


Today’s LoveGram is an encouragement to send a big dose of love to that part of you.

When you listen to my 15-minute audio LoveGram, you will hear more about this.

(To listen to the audio, just click over to this page, scroll down, and hit “play” on the audio player.)


If this all sounds a little too woo-woo, you can just look at it like this: any time we send love in any shape or form, we are the first recipients. It is an elixir for our soul.

So, even if you don’t believe we can send love letters to Vincent Van Gogh or to parts of ourselves, maybe you believe in the simple healing power of being love?

I hope so.

And I bet so. Because you are here, hanging around with me and others just like me in this community.

We are all tending to our hearts and tending to the hearts and spirits of people around us.

That’s who we are. That’s what we do.

I’m glad to be here with you!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. I didn’t plan it, but I like that last week’s LoveGram was “Advance Love” and this one is “Backward Love.”

LoveGram: Advance love for your future self.


Hello Friend!

Today I send you a love letter you mail to yourself.

I send you clean sheets that smell like lilac, which you luxuriate in when you crawl into bed, exhausted.

I send you a song on the radio, one that you love from long ago, which you hear unexpectedly, and it brings a smile to your face.


Welcome to your weekly audio LoveGram.

In today’s LoveGram, we talk about some ways to think about how we can support our future self, especially if there might be bumpy roads ahead.

How can we prepare in advance to offer unbounded support and extra special attention to the self who may need it?

(To listen to the audio, just click over to this page, scroll down, and hit “play” on the audio player.)


You can be on the offensive by declaring this a new chapter. Name it for yourself. Plan it.

Or, if it isn’t yet time for the new chapter, let this be an official period of transition/grief.

Don’t push yourself to go too quickly through your experience. It is so essential that we feel our feelings and process whatever loss or hardship is alive in us right now. There’s no rush. Be human!


You’ll hear in today’s LoveGram that I’m kinda doing both at once! I’m letting myself feel everything that wants to run through me, whenever it arises. I’m reaching out to friends and leaning in on their love.

AND, I’m setting up an autumn “Advance Love” program for myself.

I’ve created a list of books I want to read that I know will support the ways I want to grieve and grow. I’ve listed a few projects that I will complete. I’ve also made a list of some new skills I want to learn. And finally, I’ve brainstormed some ways I can be out in the real world, meeting people live again and volunteering.


Here are some ways you can plan to love yourself — now, next week, or next month— whenever it is time for the next stage of your healing:

  • Buy a beautiful journal for yourself that you will fill with love.
  • Make some audio recordings that let that future you know you care and understand.
  • Make a playlist of comforting or uplifting music.
  • Research meet-up groups where you might get to know new friends.
  • Create a list of books to read that you know will support you.
  • Enlist a friend for exercise accountability.
  • Reach out for places to volunteer.
  • Think about a musical instrument you would like to learn.
  • Make a list of projects that would feel great to complete.
  • List places you’d like to clear free of clutter.


My dear friend, I know that the past two years have been filled with grief, loss, loneliness, fear, and disappointment.

I understand.

I also know that this is exactly why we all must fortify ourselves.

This is why we must offer ourselves unlimited kindness now — and why we must plan advance love, too!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry