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LoveGram: Whatcha Waiting For?


Hello, my beautiful friend.

Today, I send you that feeling of being curled up in your favorite corner chair late at night, paperback book in hand and some hot tea with honey in that ceramic mug Auntie Anne made you years ago.

I send you a big picture window that looks out on a wintery scene of pine trees, blue jays, and freshly fallen snow.

I send you too many people in a little kitchen, everything warm from an apple pie in the stove, and lots of laughter as you keep bumping into one another.

I send you a surprise call from a friend, and how happy it makes you to hear her familiar voice.


Today’s LoveGram is dedicated to my friend, Trish, because it is centered on a line she said to me in a voice note: “What am I waiting for?!”

At first glance, er listen, we usually hear that as “Why am I waiting?” But with a little bit of pause and a few deep breaths, it can become “What do I want that I’m not giving myself permission to have?” Or, “What do I want that I’m not actively trying to get?” ”

“What am I waiting for” becomes a question to ourselves (or to life) to show us what is necessary or important. It can show us our deepest desires.


So, today’s LoveGram is about asking yourself that question, then listening for the answer, and then trusting yourself to take one step toward whatever it is that is on the other side of the closed door.

It’s about giving yourself permission, right here and now. No more expecting anyone or anything externally to accept, encourage, or approve.

But most of all, it’s about loving yourself enough to trust that whatever you are waiting for is also waiting for you.

And that you deserve to start your journey toward it.


(To listen to the audio, just click to this web page, scroll down,  and press play on the audio player!)



So, here’s the question once more to whisper to yourself: “What am I waiting for?”


Now that you asked the question, you must get really quiet and allow the answer to drop in.

You don’t need to push or shove or scramble or strive.

You need to let life answer.

She will. I promise. She always does.

Your job is to be at-the-ready to hear the answer. Once you know the answer, ask, “What’s the first tiny little step toward that?”

Get quiet again. Listen with all your heart. And when some nudge or idea or niggle drops in, DO IT.

Rinse and repeat a million times!


I send you love. I send you peace. I send you permission to be YOU, exactly as you are. I send you permission for a beautiful winter season filled with love and light — even when it is super dark in, out, and around you.

Thank you for being here.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Your challenge this week is to have the courage to take one small step toward something you’ve been waiting for in your life. If you need a little tool to help you, I suggest Mel Robbins’ “The 5-Second Rule.” You can Google it to see lots of videos about it, but it is basically this: you train yourself to count down 5-4-3-2-1 like a rocket launch. When you get to #1, you act. It sounds simple. And it is. I’ve been using this practice in many ways in my life and it really is kinda magic. It allows us to take action before our Squawky Polly mind starts piling on the worry and fear. Try it!


LoveGram: Get on the Boat


Today, I send you the voice of a friend who is lying in a hammock, watching lightening bugs on a summer night.

I send you wild blueberries.

I send you the mourning dove.

I send you blue water, wide skies, and a wooden rowboat.


Today, my LoveGram is about boats. All about boats.

My week has been filled with boat messages and metaphors. And I want to share them with you.

Wanting to be on the boat. Being on the boat. Missing the boat.

Hear today’s Audio LoveGram now!  Just scroll down on this page until you see the audio player. Click play! Voila!


After you listen to today’s LoveGram, ask yourself: is there a “boat” that is calling to you? What is it? Will you hop on or hesitate? 


Thank you for being with me today.

I love and appreciate our connection.

I encourage you to remind yourself often that you deserve a rich life, filled with connection and meaning.


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry



P.S. This week’s challenge is to allow yourself to “swim around” in the metaphors — “what boat calls to you?” What is it like to “be on the boat,” or to feel as if you are “missing the boat?”

P.P.S. The art on this page is copyright “Go, Dog, Go” by P.D. Eastman.  I found this fun reading of it on YouTube!

P.P.P.S. The song in my audio is “If I had a Boat,” by Lyle Lovett.

P.P.P.P.S: The beautiful poem I read is called, “Missing the Boat,” by Naomi Shihab Nye.

LoveGram: Tell them this today

Hello, my beautiful friend.

Today’s LoveGram was inspired by my friends Ali, Becky, and Carolyn. It was also the result of a dream I had last night about a conversation with my mentor, Brendon Burchard.

I hope you will listen to the audio. I hope you will do so while you are treating yourself to a walk outdoors or to a nap on a comfy couch.

I also hope you will follow my encouragement from this audio. You know, not just listen, but put your love into action.

We are nearing a whole year since many of us first sheltered in place because of the pandemic. People are tired. People are lonely. People’s spirits need picked up.

Maybe you are experiencing this? Are you?

I know for me it takes extra boosts of self-love and self-encouragement to keep my energy high and to stay connected to what is most important to me.

Today’s LoveGram speaks to all of this. It is posted on this page.

Click the link above. Scroll down on that page. Play the recording. Close your eyes and relax.

Let your heart and intuition speak to you. 

They will. I promise. That’s what happens when we get quiet. 

Thanks for being by my side.

I’m here for you, too.

You make a difference to me. You matter to me. You support me. I hope I do the same for you.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

LoveGram: Look in your backyard!


Hello, my dear friend.

Something different happened today.

Before I came out to my studio to connect with you and create my weekly LoveGram, I was listening to a Dr. Joe (Dispenza) meditation. During that meditation, I got the guidance to send you last week’s audio LoveGram again.

What? That seemed like strange guidance. I wasn’t sure what it meant.

But, what came along next was an encouragement for me to take a walk and re-listen to last week’s message.

So, I did.

I have a promise to myself that I will listen to guidance the drops in, no matter what. Even if I don’t understand it. Even if it seems odd!

I got dressed, donned my mask and walking shoes, and headed out. It was 7am and the light was lovely. The air was crisp and cool. I put on my headphones and pressed “play” as I walked.

As soon as I began to listen to last week’s audio, I realized something so important for myself: although I have a practice called Recording and Listening, in which I make positive, present, supportive audios for myself and listen to them over and over, I do not ever re-listen to the LoveGrams I make for you.

In fact, I never listen even once! I record them, send them to you, and then move on with my day.

It was a fascinating experience to re-listen to last week’s audio!

First of all, I loved hearing the song by Diana Ross, “I’m Coming Out.” I noticed an instant uplift simply from that song.

Then, I realized that Joe Dispenza and Life were guiding me to offer us a specific perspective today. And that perspective is that we don’t always have to be seeking out new guidance, new input, new shiny trinkets.

If we look around our lives, we will see that we have SO MUCH right here that we have not fully appreciated, used, consumed or completed. 

We have untapped resources right in front of us. 

What is that expression? “Acres of diamonds in our own backyard.”

(I took a short detour just now and Googled that expression. You can, too, if you want to read more. However, the gist of it is that we think we need to go to new places for our fortune, but it is likely right here where we are.)

As I walked in the early morning and listened to the audio, I heard things I didn’t even remember that I’d said. I heard myself talking about the importance of seeing 2021 as a time to recommit to the life I want to live. As a time to surround myself with people who will help me feel more like me. As a time to connect, even when I may feel shy or uncomfortable.

I also really felt that message that I just told you — that I have so many unused resources in my life and I want to use them. I want to tap the riches that are right here, in me and in my life!

Sometimes we need to remember that we already have what we need. 

I love that I was guided to see all of this today. I hope it is a message that resonates with you, too.

I want you to do something for me. I want you to see what happens when you listen to last week’s audio again. Chances are likely that your ole Squawky Polly mind will whine and complain — “I’m too busy to re-listen to something. What’s the point? That’s a waste of time.”

Listen, anyway.

I’m certain that when you do, you will hear something or notice something brand new.

What I want for you is the experience I just had of understanding that we do not always need the next new book or next new teacher or next new experience. 

We can cultivate the diamonds in our own backyard. 

Here’s last week’s audio LoveGram. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do something completely different while you are listening. If you usually listen while lying on the couch, go for a walk. If you usually listen while doing the dishes, try sitting on your porch.

Experience something brand new.

I dare you.

I dare you to dig for diamonds, even if you don’t believe they’re there.

Look what happened for me today! YOU inspired all of this. YOU helped me find some glittering jewels in unexpected places. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have seen all of this. 

You are that powerful. 

You are that important. 

Thanks for being by my side.

I’m here for you, too.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


🌺  P.S. See that art up at top? That was a new mural I noticed yesterday when I was wandering around San Francisco. I’d been feeling so trapped in my same-same world of quarantine, that I set off on a walking adventure. Simply seeing new murals and all the twinkly lights from so many outdoor parklets made me feel fresh and free. That was another example of diamonds in my own backyard, right?)

🌺  P. P.S. Here’s the link to sign up for my free 5-day Permission + Belonging Challenge.  Join in! And if you are jonesing for some community and connection right now, you can also join me in my brand new coaching-meets-social club live group offering.

🌺  P.P.P.S. Here’s the link to the make-you-feel-like-dancing song by Diana Ross, “I’m Coming Out.”