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LoveGram: Celebration and Sadness


Hello beautiful friend. 

Welcome to your Sunday audio LoveGram. 

Today I send you sixteen sunflowers, standing tall. 

I send you the woman crying, who says, “it’s okay I cry; talk to me anyway.”

I send you a scrub jay, a lemon, a fresh bar of soap, a single cypress tree.  


In today’s LoveGram, we are talking about how sadness and celebration are two sides of the same coin. 

We’re human beings. We get lost and we lose things. We are beauty and we see beautiful things. 

And everything in between. 

(To listen to the audio, just click over to this page, scroll down, and hit “play” on the audio player.)


If we want to have deep, meaningful, and connected relationships in our lives, we have to learn how to be together in the hardest of times. And also the happy times, too. 

We have to be willing to accept that it is all a part of being human. 

But most of us weren’t taught how to do this! 

Today, I talk about the practice of allowing ourselves to feel the whole range of human emotions and not to judge ourselves for any of them. 


I think we do ourselves a huge disservice in our lives when we think that life needs to be black and white, or when we think that our emotions need to be this or that. We’re so complex. 

What if we stopped fighting it?


Thank you for being here and showing up for all of it — for the ups and downs and everything in between. 

When we are open to celebrating ALL of life, it allows us the spaciousness to find connection and meaning in the hardest of times and also in the happy times. 

Flip! Two sides. Same coin. 

Listen to your audio LoveGram now. 

Thank you for your beautiful heart. 

Thank you for wanting to love and be loved as best you can. 

I’m grateful to be on this journey with you. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. I love this new podcast on grief by Anderson Cooper. It is tender and filled with love for humankind. 

P.P.S. Just a reminder that any loss in your life can be filled with grief — death, illness, divorce, miscarriage, empty nest, job loss, alienation from a friend, etc. If you feel something as sadness or grief, I hope you honor it, seek support, and let it move through you. 

LoveGram: The Everything of it

Last week I talked to you about permission.


I was giving myself permission to let go in many different ways.

I encouraged you to do the same, if you needed it.

Having allowed myself that break, I can see that lots of things moved on through.

Like a young child, who allows herself to have a big cry when her ice cream cone falls to the ground, it passes. All that emotion goes from a wail to a whimper pretty quickly.

If we let it.

And then, next thing you know, a cute chubby puppy waddles by and that toddler is all smiles again.

Allowing is the sister of permission, I think.

We give ourselves permission to feel. We give ourselves space. We quiet our lives and minds.

And then, we allow our feelings.

We allow and we accept.

On today’s Audio LoveGram (Yep! Audio is back folks!) I tell you the story that dropped in as I was talking to you.

It has to do with a beautiful accordion player this morning. It has to do with me, smiling and listening happily.

And it has to do with the blaring of car alarm, on and on and on.

The everything of it.

The all of it.

All this beauty of being a human being.

My wish for you this week is that you carry around a basket of everything in your heart. Let it all nestle together, let it tumble and toss. Let it be what it is.

Permission. Allowing. Accepting. All the beauty.

That’s your challenge.

You up for it?

I hope so.

I’m here with you.

We’re all just walking each other home. Again and again and again.

And along the way, we get the accordions and we get the sunflowers and we get the fallen ice cream and we get the car alarms and we get all the sorrows and all the joys.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Here’s the link to the Weepies, All this Beauty. (Today’s song.)

P.P.S. Thank you to everyone who writes me emails after each LoveGram. It means the world to me to hear from you. I’m sorry I can’t always respond to everyone each week. I read every single one. I do. You matter.