Sunday Audio LoveGram: September 27, 2020


Hello, friend.

It is a sunny Sunday and the air feels fresh. After weeks of ash and smoke, it feels like a gift to breathe this air, to see blue sky. 

It is a gift. 

Once, a doctor told me, “Health is a crown that only that sick can see.” 

I think about that often. I try not to take it for granted. My health or the air or mobility or people I love.

I encourage you to breathe deeply and take a moment to love something that you could easily take for granted. See it anew. 

I also encourage you to carve out 16 minutes to listen to today’s LoveGram. 

Take a walk, take a hot bath, take a rest on the couch … and listen. Let your mind make its leaps and its connections, just like mine does. 

I love talking to you because it helps me see new things. 

You are like an open window in my life. 

Today’s LoveGram is posted below.

Scroll down on this page. Click play. Close your eyes. Listen. Breathe. 

Today, we’re talking more about surviving the pull of the undertow. We’re talking about fixing broken things. We’re talking about surprises. We’re talking about re-meeting parts of ourselves. 

Our lives happen in tiny moments. We can allow each moment to reveal itself —as sorrow,  as joy, as disappointment, as fear, as love — even during a pandemic. 

We’re all just walking each other home. And along the way, there sure is a lot to see and feel, eh? 

Thanks for being by my side. 

xo Sherry