Sunday Audio LoveGram: October 25, 2020

Good morning, friend.

I send love +  hugs to you, whenever you are popping by.

Today’s LoveGram is posted below. I hope it makes you smile.  

Scroll down on this page. Click play.

Close your eyes. Listen. Breathe. Relax. 

This audio LoveGram is inspired by last night’s movie, “Amelie.” 

(If you haven’t seen it, please do! It is magical, whimsical, sweet, beautiful, and inspiring!)

This LoveGram is also brought to you by my alter ego, The Apple Fritter Lady, who lives near the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, rides a rusty orange fat-tired bike to work, and measures her success in life by how many smiles she shares with people every day. 

I  encourage you to write the story YOU want to be living. Bring forth your  own alter ego. Create your own definition of success. 

We get one ride on the carousel of life. Choose the seat you love best.  

Thanks for being by my side. I’m here for you, too. 

During this pandemic we are taking a page from Ram Dass: “We are all just  walking each other home.” 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

What story are you telling about your life?