Sunday Audio LoveGram: May 23, 2021


Hello, my beautiful friend.

Do you feel a new blossoming within yourself and your life? 

As we start to emerge from the pandemic, as we vaccinate, as we sift and sort through who we are and what we value, I send you the slightest stirring of unfurling. 

This morning I send you something green and fresh and newly alive. 

I send you wide blue skies, welcoming and inviting. 

I send you tiny plant shoots, small buds, invisible yearnings to grow. 

I send you a song from long ago. 

I send you your sweet heart, all wrapped up in pink and gold tissues paper, maybe polka dotted, if you wish. 

I send you love, love, love.


Today, my LoveGram is about breadcrumbs, sent from the universe. 

(Breadcrumbs like in story books where children dropped them on the ground along the path to find their way home again. Except, in this case, we’re following a brand new path, which leads us to a new cottage, a new green valley, a new vista point.)

Listen on this page!  Just scroll down on this page until you see the audio player. Click play! Voila! 


How can you lean in close enough to the Something so you can feel or hear its nudges? (“the Something” is my current favorite word for Universe, God, Love, Divine, All-that-is, Life, Source. Choose your own word. There is no right or wrong!) 

How can you promise yourself to not just listen, but act?

How can you be delighted by this adventure of following each breadcrumb and letting your brilliant mind and sweet heart connect the dots?


Thank you for listening, today.

Thank you for being you. You are wonderful, exactly as you are. 


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


Here’s today’s LoveGram: 

Download and listen on the go here: Lovegram 5-23-21


P.S. This week’s challenge is to follow what drops in from your own Something Something. What feels like it’s sort of sparkly or lit up in neon? What calls to you to pay attention to it in the coming week? When that happens, take action! Immediately, if you can. Don’t wait or the energy and magic will dissipate. As Tracy Chapman sings to us, “If not now, then when?” Invite in some mystery and follow a path of breadcrumbs — if only just for fun!