Sunday Audio LoveGram: June 28, 2020

Hello, friend.

Here’s your LoveGram for today — SCROLL DOWN on this page, click play, listen, relax.

Today’s Audio LoveGram comes to you courtesy of my wonderful mom.

I  hope you will listen and take her up on her offer that if you write  to her, she’ll write back!

My mom is a master at long-distance love and connection, something we all need right now as this pandemic continues.

I know this is hard. It’s summer and we all want to be out playing, visiting with  friends and family, seeing the world.

This, too, shall pass.

We have been, and we continue to be, in this TOGETHER.

We are walking through it with as much love and compassion as we can muster.

Thanks for being here.

It means so much to me to walk with you through this.

xo Sherry

P.S. That’s me and my mom at Conneaut Lake Park, an old-fashioned, low-tech  amusement park in Pennsylvania where we usually go every summer.


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