Sunday Audio LoveGram: July 18, 2021



Happy Sunday! I’m writing to you from my mom’s house in Ohio!

This is the first time I’ve seen her in a year and a half. It is so wonderful. 

Full disclosure — I recorded today’s audio while I was still in San Francisco. I knew that I would be so caught up in all the joys of being with my mom, that I might not be mindful of the days! That happens here. It is a sweet little time warp. 

So, to make sure I still got to connect with you, but also made it doable for me, I recorded and uploaded the audio in advance. 

How are you doing this week? How is your heart? How is your energy? You are on my mind!

Thus, this morning I send you permission to make something easier for yourself. What can you do today that will make tomorrow’s task more doable? (I like to think of this as helping out my future self!)

I send you the way it feels to see the face of your loved one after way too long without them. 

I send you watermelon juice, dribbling down your chin.  

I send you a big butterfly flitting by — pale yellow with black swooshes. 


Today, my LoveGram is about this month’s Celebration Superstar and some of her ways of bringing appreciation and celebration to the people in her life.  Also, bonus: a poem from our superstar. 

I know that when you listen to this, it will inspire some ways that you can bring just a little more joy into your own life and to the people you care about. 

Hear today’s Audio LoveGram now! 

Just scroll down on this page until you see the audio player. Click play! Voila! 

After you listen to today’s LoveGram, consider a way that you can use a natural talent of your own to let someone know that they matter. First, think of something that comes easily to you — doodling, baking, playing music, writing? 

Then, think of someone in your life who needs a boost of love.  How can you create a tiny something that is customized just for them? Close your eyes and let an idea drop in. Give it time if it doesn’t happen right away.  Trust the process. And when an idea does drop in, do it! 

Hope this audio makes you smile. Enjoy the poem. Let it live in you. 

Thank you for being with me today. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


Here’s today’s LoveGram: 

Download and listen on the go here: LoveGram 7-18-21


💖  P.S. Our Celebration Superstar inspires us to appreciate someone in a way that is also fun for US! What does this look like for you? This week’s challenge is to use your own talents to reflect back to someone how wonderful they are. Make a doodle? Create a cake in the shape of their heart? Write them a funny song?