Sunday Audio LoveGram: February 7, 2021


Hello, my dear friend.

I’m sorry this week’s audio LoveGram is late. But I was with my dear friend, Tricia, on a retreat and I wanted to savor the time. 

That said, we had a beautiful time making you an audio together as we watched the colors streak across the sky at sunset. 

Today’s LoveGram is posted below.

Scroll down on this page. Click play.

I hope that there is a place you can go — in your neighborhood, even — where you feel you can tap into your creative self. The self that dreams. The self that has some elbow room to grow. 

Thanks for being by my side.

I’m here for you, too. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

🔆 P.S. If anything you hear in today’s LoveGram stands out or resonates with you, email me and share your thoughts. I always appreciate hearing from you! 


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🔆 P.P.S. Here is that sunset photo we promise you in the video!