Sunday Audio LoveGram: December 26, 2021


Hello, my beautiful friend.

Today, I send you a solitary walk along a tree-lined path, your hands warm in colorful knitted gloves. 

I send you memories of flickering candles and happy laughter at the dinner table, all the gold linen napkins strewn near plates, no one wanting to leave just yet. 

I send you a New Year, just around the corner, waiting for your wishes, intentions, and dreams. 

I send you the crackle of a warm fire, a book you can’t put down, and a mug of hot apple cider. 



It’s the day after Christmas. Maybe you celebrate this holiday. Maybe you don’t. However, it is likely that wherever you are and whatever your religion, this is a season of family and friends.

This is a season of colorful lights in the darkness.

A season of hope. 

Thank you for being by my side as we’ve been navigating this pandemic together. I started making these Sunday LoveGrams in March of 2020. And here we are, almost 2022. And, in the spirit of my favorite Ram Dass quote, we are still just walking each other home. 

This is what we can do for each other, no matter what is happening around us. Show up. Take one another’s hand. Share the journey. Offer and receive support when the road gets bumpy. Hopefully find some laughter and magical moments along the way. 


Today’s LoveGram was recorded last weekend, when I was visiting my dear friend of 44 years, Lisa. (That’s her in the photo with me up above!) 

44 years! That made me smile when I typed it. 

You’ll get to meet Lisa when you listen to today’s audio. 

She had just fixed us both a fun ‘n fancy holiday cocktail with peppermint liquor. In typical Lisa fashion, she put our drinks in festive glasses, served up some snacks in whimsical little bowls on a tray, and gave us each a happy reindeer napkin. 

Lisa is all about small, artful touches that make people smile. 

That’s what today’s audio LoveGram is about: how do we intentionally create little moments of joy for ourselves and others? 

(To listen to the audio, just scroll down on this page and click play on the audio player below!)



Thank you for being someone who shows up for yourself and for others and for the good things life offers.

Thank you for caring enough to create joy in all the ways you do. 

I appreciate you.

I believe in you.

I trust your ability to find the goodness, even when things are hard. 

I trust you to be the one to make your relationships extra special. (And, of course, that includes your relationship with YOU!) 



As the pandemic and politics continue to swirl all around us, how can you be the bringer of smiles? How can you create joyful spaces and magical moments? 

Ready to do this?

(I hope so!) 

The world needs your sparkle. 

Never underestimate the power of a single reindeer napkin — the smile it elicits could ripple out in a thousand unexpected ways! 

Happy day-after Christmas, if you celebrate it. Happy Boxing Day if you celebrate it.

And, if YOU are in need of whimsy and joy, do it for yourself, just like Lisa says in this audio.

You matter! You count! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


Here’s today’s LoveGram: 

Download and listen on the go here: Lovegram 12-26-21

P.S. Your challenge this week is to make a little teeny magical moment for yourself or someone else. Light a candle for the table, use the “good” dishes for your afternoon snack, turn on a fun holiday song and start dancing. Add a tiny bit of novelty and festivity to an ordinary moment — and watch what happens.