Sunday Audio LoveGram: December 12, 2021


Hello, my beautiful friend.

Today, I send you the feeling of being curled up in your favorite corner chair late at night, paperback book in hand and some hot tea with honey in that ceramic mug Auntie Anne made you years ago.

I send you a big picture window that looks out on a wintery scene of pine trees, blue jays, and freshly fallen snow. 

I send you too many people in a little kitchen, everything warm from an apple pie in the stove, and lots of laughter as you keep bumping into one another. 

I send you a surprise call from a friend, and how happy it makes you to hear her familiar voice.


Today’s LoveGram is dedicated to my friend, Trish, because it is centered on a line she said to me in a voice note: “What am I waiting for?!”

At first glance, er listen, we usually hear that as “Why am I waiting?” But with a little bit of pause and a few deep breaths, it can become “What do I want that I’m not giving myself permission to have?” Or, “What do I want that I’m not actively trying to get?” “

“What am I waiting for” becomes a question to ourselves (or to life) to show us what is necessary or important. It can show us our deepest desires. 


So, today’s LoveGram is about asking yourself that question, then listening for the answer, and then trusting yourself to take one step toward whatever it is that is on the other side of the closed door. 

It’s about giving yourself permission, right here and now.

No more expecting anyone or anything externally to  accept, encourage, or approve.

But most of all, it’s about loving yourself enough to trust that whatever you are waiting for is also waiting for you.

You deserve to start your journey toward it.


(To listen to the audio, just scroll down on this page and click play on the audio player below!)



So, here’s the question once more to whisper to yourself: “What am I waiting for?” 


Now that you asked the question, you must get really quiet and allow the answer to drop in. 

You don’t need to push or shove or scramble or strive.

You need to let life answer.

She will. I promise. She always does.

Your job is to be at-the-ready to hear the answer. Once you know the answer, ask, “What’s the first tiny little step toward that?”

Get quiet again. Listen with all your heart. And when some nudge or idea or niggle drops in, DO IT.

Rinse and repeat a million times!


I send you love. I send you peace. I send you permission to be YOU, exactly as you are. I send you permission for a beautiful winter season filled with love and light — even when it is super dark in, out, and around you. 

Thank you for being here.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


Here’s today’s LoveGram: 

Download and listen on the go here: Lovegram 12-12-21


P.S. Your challenge this week is to have the courage to take one small step toward something you’ve been waiting for in your life. If you need a little tool to help you, I suggest Mel Robbins’ “The 5-Second Rule.” You can Google it to see lots of videos about it, but it is basically this: you train yourself to count down 5-4-3-2-1 like a rocket launch. When you get to #1, you act. It sounds simple. And it is. I’ve been using this practice in many ways in my life and it really is kinda magic. It allows us to take action before our Squawky Polly mind starts piling on the worry and fear. Try it!