Sunday Audio LoveGram: April 18, 2021


Hello, my beautiful friend.

Today, I send you the memory of dancing on stage to the “Peanuts Christmas Dance” at a George Winston concert in NYC.  

I send you the wind on your face as you bicycle early in the crisp morning, kinda grateful for the mask keeping your cheeks warm. 

I send you the cheerful chirp of a bird outside the window, in the apple blossom tree, right this moment, here and now. 

I send you the calming feel of turning to your own compass, feeling your own truth, remembering who you are deep inside. 

Today, I send you connection and the gratitude I feel for you presence, as Ram Dass says, “We are all just walking each other home.” 

Listen here!  Just scroll down on this page until you see the audio player. Click play! Voila! 


Take time for what brings you joy. 

Listen to your sweet heart. 

Trust your own goodness.  

You matter. 



Thank you for listening, today.

Thank you for your kind heart, which I see and know! 


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


Here’s today’s LoveGram:

Download and listen on the go here: 4-18-21 LoveGram


💓   P.S. This week’s challenge is if you didn’t dance when you were listening to the LoveGram, click here and then do some sort of goofy dance for 30 seconds. Extra points if you invite your children, roomie, partner, or spouse to join you. Make moments into gifts! 


💓 P.P.S. That snippet of dance up above is from a collective dance that my friends Andrea Scher, Maya Stein, and Amy Tingle organized as a surprise for a mutual friend, Laurie Wagner, for a milestone birthday. Laurie’s birthday was just a month into the shelter-in-place last spring. We couldn’t be with her in person, so we created a Long Distance Dance Gift. You can DO THIS for someone you love! Check it out here!