Please meet Anne + hear her extraordinary story

Scroll down to listen to this 30-minute conversation about life and death. And living-while-dying.

My dear friend Suki said, “you’ve got to have a conversation with Anne. She’s amazing and you will love her.”

I did have a conversation with Anne.

And she is amazing. I do love her.

And YOU will also love her.


Anne has been on a self-described “thirty-three year journey to become authentic, intimate, genuine, playful, foolish, silly, and honest.” She’s lived her life with as much of all those things as possible.

You’ll hear her vitality and zest for life in this conversation.

And … Anne has terminal cancer. Her days are numbered. Yet she continues her journey of living full-out, completely and absolutely.

Anne is teaching all of us how to talk about death. How to be with people we love who are dying. How to navigate this inevitable journey within ourselves and with the people around us.

It’s not easy.

Most of us don’t know how to be with someone who is dying.

I was struggling to know what to say to introduce you to Anne. I felt awkward and inadequate.

And then, I talked to Suki and what she shared with me is what needs to be said.

Here’s what Suki shared with me about walking through the last few months with Anne:
“She’s helped me. She’s helped all of her friends understand that she is okay with this. She is ready. She’s going to go out like she’s lived her life, to celebrate it. Anne’s philosophy is, “It is okay to miss me later, but for god’s sake, continue to celebrate me while I am here.

Once I got my head and heart wrapped around this, even though it is sad and hard, it has been incredibly heart-opening and expanding. There is so much love. There is humor. There’s been music. There is so much celebration. She’s teaching me to face this with my eyes open and my heart open. Anne is teaching me a whole other way of being with death and dying.”
What a gift to talk to someone who is not afraid to talk about living — or dying. And how to do both with joy, love, honesty, and intention.

It is an honor for me to share this conversation with you.

Please meet, Anne McGivern.

You’ll be glad you did.

I know I am.


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