Play it Forward!

In a recent Kind Over Matter Article, I invited readers to participate in a fun game I named, “Play it Forward.”

All participants have to do is offer a small act of kindness in the world — with a twist: include some way for the person who receives the kindness to “play it forward” for someone else.

One of the people who took on this challenge, was Chantal Schreiber, who lives outside of Vienna in Austria. (That’s her to the left with her dog. Aren’t they happy-making?!)

Here’s what Chantal posted about her kindness mission:

I was so delighted by Chantal’s participation and was curious about how she got the idea, how she got over the vulnerability factor, and what it was like for her. I invited her to have a short conversation with me about it.

I hope you’ll listen to this 15-minute audio. Chantal is very inspiring!! This might be just the kickstart to make YOU want to play it forward! 

Right Click to hear “Play it Forward”


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