Operation Good Fortune Printables


Thank you for joining us in our Secret Agents of Change special mission, Operation Good Fortune.

You’ve come to the right place to download your free Good Fortune Printables.  Click the link below to download your PDF!

Once you download it, you can print it out and send ’em out!

Also, here’s Rosemerry’s wonderful poem,  Fortunate. You might want to download this and print it to send along with some fortunes. That’ll add to the fun!

If you are game to try to super duper mission of making personalized fortune cookies, here’s how!

Then, be sure to report back on your Operation Good Fortune mission in our Secret Agents of Change Facebook Group! It is full of good news and connection there.

Hey, did you miss the Facebook Live reveal of the mission? In that case, watch the video up above! Rosemerry reads a poem and Sherry will offer the mission, should you choose to accept it!