Make Making Money Fun!

I want you to meet Mary Schiller, who gives us permission to wake up to a new life — now. I love Mary’s vitality + refreshing outlook.

In this 20-minute conversation you’ll hear Mary’s story of feeling like she was a failure for many many years and how she came to be living a new life in Paris, filled with self-love, possibility, abundance, and hope.

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In this hour-long live Q + A call, “Making Making Money Fun,” you can listen to callers questions about money and how to change our mindsets from “this is hard and something’s wrong with me” to “I can do this and it can be fun.”

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Mary Schiller is an author and coach who has a mission to help people lead less stressful, more successful lives. With nine books to her name on Amazon and more on the way, Mary is determined to reach as many people as possible with a message of hope — that life can be lived without struggle, no matter what our circumstances might be. Here is a zesty and delightful 37-second-long video about Mary! 

Mary is currently offering a new online class called, “Let’s Make Money, Honey.”

I’m excited to be enrolled in Mary’s class and would love for you to join me.

Here’s my favorite part about what she’s up to with this money-making thang:

Let’s Make Money, Honey! is different from anything else you’ve heard before. Here’s why …

You won’t change your “money mindset”

You won’t recite affirmations

You won’t learn your “money archetype”

You won’t break through your “money blocks”

You won’t “work hard” at making money

You can find all the class information by clicking here.

Note: class registration is open through August 15th.

AND if you sign up for the course, I’m offering a special bonus Mastermind Call in which we can get on a call live together and talk about what we’re learning, questions we have, insights, etc. It’ll be REALLY FUN!


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