Love List 10-Pak

Ten great gifts. Ten dollars.
A joy to make; Amazing to receive.
Just print ’em out, fill ’em out, and give ’em out!

What if you could give a gift to someone that cost just $1 … but was absolutely invaluable?

What if you could give a gift that would be funny, sweet, sassy, and loving all at once? What if you could give a gift that someone would keep as a touchstone for the rest of their lives?

What if you could give a gift that would be as fun to make as it would be to receive?

You can! That gift is a Love List.


The Love List is one of the very best gifts you can give someone. It is simply a list of all the reasons you love them. Your reasons can be sweet or sassy, poignant or punny. But think about it, what’s better in all the world than knowing we are seen, loved, and appreciated for who we are?

This simple gift is a gift of love that keeps on giving — they’ll read it over and over!

I’ve given dozens of these gifts in my life and wow, the impact is always so delightful and profound.

To make it easy for you, I’ve had a professional designer create 10 different page designs for Love Lists that include 10-items, 25-items, 30, 40, and 50-items. Print ’em out as many times as you want. It is at least ten gifts — but could be dozens!

Give more; spend less. Give gifts with imagination and impact. Give gifts of love.

Stories of Love Lists:

When Sherry put out her challenge to write a love list, I knew immediately that I wanted to let my daughter Megan know how much I love her and that I really SEE who she is. When she opened the package … let’s just say tears were shed. Happy tears!  The true gift had to be in the making of it — the time I spent making it became almost a meditation on how important she is to me and then seeing how it touched her, knowing I’d hit the mark, well, that touched something in me too. I will never forget it.  (Kelley Walker)

Thank you so much for your Love List idea! I got all of my students to hand-make cards or letters of love and appreciation to their parents yesterday! While they were at it, I made a Love List for my Mom too. We had such a great time! And my Mom was sooooo touched and surprised to receive my love list! She wrapped me in a super long embrace and planted kisses on my cheeks and arms! We had not hugged each other for years! That feels amazing! Thank you for rallying us to spread so much joy and love! (Emily Tu)

I had so much fun making the love lists, it was the best present and the look on everyone’s faces was priceless. I had so much fun thinking about all the different qualities each child/person had and could not wait for them to read it. We sat around in a circle with my mom, each person read the list quietly to themselves and if they choose out loud.  My two daughters were extremely touched by the love list and the effort that went into making them. We had to read my mom’s for her because she was crying too much. I think even my 15-year-old son enjoyed it, though he would never admit it.  My husband had a big smile on his face. It was a great way to share with the family. I even made one for our dogs Katie & Jake! (Laura London)

Sherry, I read somehwere on your website about a Love List gift. I have a big extended family and we all celebrate Christmas together. So this year I handed everyone a set of index cards with the name of each family member — about 31 people. Everyone wrote down one thing they loved about the person and then we all read them aloud on Christmas Eve. The kids said it was our best Christmas Eve ever. Thank you for the inspiration. (Anne Scanlon Morton)

I absolutely delighted in the opportunity to celebrate one of my dear friends with a Love List.  Even in preparation for writing it, I had a few days of ruminating all the many ways my friend has been such a light in my life. Then finally drafting it, I found the process so beautiful. Crafting my words to share with her, knowing I’d read them aloud and get to fully celebrate her brilliance, while looking into her eyes.  We don’t express gratitude and appreciation near enough in this world, and it was so heartwarming to remember that our reflection and expression of this to the loved ones in our lives is the ultimate sacred gift! (Willo O’Brien)

Photo credit for Love List pic: Andrea Scher, Superhero Life