Camper sunset rendition

Camper sunset rendition of "In My Wildest Dreams" (For Cary)

IMG_1379This is one of my (many) favorite moments from LIAV Camp 2015…

I was headed to the mess hall for dinner when I saw Melissa and Bruni sitting outside with a bottle of wine and a ukulele. They were singing together as Melissa played and my heart did a little swing dance happening upon such a beautiful moment.

They called me over for a glass of wine and a song. (You betcha!) And then along comes David. “Wanna join us for the sunset, David?!” (Sure thing!)

I don’t remember exactly how it happened. Maybe Melissa started to strum “In My Wildest Dreams.” Or maybe I asked her if she could play it. But I knew I wanted to capture the beauty of that song, the sunset, and these beautiful people to send to Cary Cooper to thank her for giving us such an inspiring + uplifting + oh-so-perfect soundtrack to Camp.

wildestdreamsDear Cary, I hope listening to us sing your song brings a huge smile to your face. I know that every single time I hear this song it brings me straight into a room filled with pom-pom flowers and warm smiles and tutus and tears of all flavors and poetry and new friends and … a sense of life being “exactly as I hoped it would be.”

Listen here for the sunset rendition of “In My Wildest Dreams.”

Song copyright Cary Cooper. Performed by Melissa Capers. Happy singing by Melissa Capers, Bruni Hernandez, David Roche, and Sherry Richert Belul.

Download In my wildest dreams for Cary Cooper