Gratitude for Anne

Gratitude for Anne Lamott

blue-trees-canstockphoto10399922Dear Anne,

I’m so sorry it has taken me so many years to say thank you to you for who you are and your beloved + kick-ass writings. Where are my manners?

I took myself on a l’il writers retreat for my 51st birthday and brought Bird by Bird with me. It suddenly became urgent to say thank you to you. So I recorded some gratitude. (See below.)

Thank you for your honest, witty, and always-inspiring writings through all these years. Holy Crap, look at all the gazillions of people you’ve given a hand to along the journey!



5P.S. In a wild and wonderful moment of synergy, I met a friend at Larkspur Landing yesterday and she said, “I have a late birthday present for you.” It was Plan B! I told her about spending my birthday with you and how I don’t have this book. AND … my dear wonderful new friend, David Roche is featured in this book. Life is grand!