On death and dying

Joyful Conversation with Jane Duncan Rogers about Death/Dying


My friend and colleague Jane Duncan Rogers lost her husband four years ago. After his death, she was really grateful for the difficult and challenging questions that they had answered before he died. Jane wrote about this in her best-selling book Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth. Now, Jane helps people prepare for their death — even if it is (hopefully!) years and years away.

I took Jane’s class called, “Before I Go,” and was not surprised how useful it was. I expected that. I also wasn’t surprised how helpful it was to have someone hold my hand through the process. But what DID surprise me was how much fun it was!

Talking about my death brought me to life in a new way!

I hope you’ll listen to this lively conversation I had with Jane and why it can be so necessary —and uplifting — to plan for our death!


Download my conversation with Jane Duncan Rogers

Click here to listen to a 30-minute Q + A with Jane Rogers from September, 2017

Note: If this topic and our conversation inspire you, I hope you’ll check out Jane’s free webinar about this topic. The webinar, “Five Things to Do Right Now to Save Your Family Headache and Heartache After You Die” will be scheduled for the fall, 2018.