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Extraordinary Life Centers: Health & Vitality

Do I care for my body so it can support me with enough health, energy, and vitality to live the kind of life I’ve always imagined?

Our bodies are the vehicles that transport us into every other extraordinary life center. We need to feel healthy and energetic in order to truly thrive. When we’re young, this happens fairly naturally and the body regenerates quickly and easily. As we hit our thirties, and into our forties and older, it’s essential to consciously create the health we want to carry into our senior years.

In this Life Center, we explore nutrition, physical fitness, rest and relaxation, and emotional well being.

Here are five simple things you can do right now:

  1. Walk outside and touch something alive — a tree trunk, grass, or a flower.
  2. Do ten jumping jacks or toe touches and watch how you feel. Better yet, Tune In to some of your fave music and dance, dance, dance!
  3. Eat something that is naturally green, red, or blue. (Slurpies do not count!)
  4. Set an alarm for five minutes. Then lie on your back and rest completely. Let the thoughts in your head float by like clouds drifting in the sky.
  5. Drink a tall glass of water and think about it cleansing toxins out of your body and providing liquid energy.

Extraordinary Resources:

Pamela Sterling, Raw Food Lifestyle Expert
Sydney Ashland, Medical Intuitive and Healer
Rich German, Health and Lifestyle Coach