Choosing love during divorce


“I help women remember the possibilities. I help them see that they can create what they want.”  — Laura Miolla

Divorce is difficult, of course. There is often the deep pain of loss. But divorce can also be a time of self-love and reinvention. It can be a time of redefining how we love our families. It can be an opportunity to re-shape our lives and fill them with new openings.

Laura Miolla is a divorce coach, mediator, divorce survivor & single mom who helps women lead a fearless life before, during, and after divorce.

In this short 15-minute conversation, Laura and Sherry talk about the choices women have when going through divorce.  They talk about staying connected to love while walking through the grief of loss. They also touch on the legal and logistical support Laura provides through her work, so there is plenty of space for emotional healing and growth.

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