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When the folks from Mabel approached me about writing an essay about money, my first thought was “Holy shit; why me?” I’m the last person in the world who should be writing about money. My grandmother was a poor farm girl and my grandfather came over from Albania. My parents lived paycheck to paycheck and always struggled to make ends meet. I’ve screwed up almost every opportunity I’ve ever had to make or save money. Instead of choosing the financially savvy path, I’ve always followed my heart — and while that’s led me to oodles of joy, I’m a living example of someone who does what I love…and the money doesn’t follow.

Mabel-No-3-FCHowever, I said “yes” to writing this piece because I thought it would be an excellent spiritual opportunity. And, I kinda hoped that writing this might magically open a door to something I’ve never seen about money before.

(Eureka! I see the map to riches! Thank you, Mabel! )

But the truth is, I’ve started this piece six times. And every time, I get all jumbled up because I have such mishegosh – such craziness— around money. The attempts to write anything left me feeling confused and conflicted. An SOS call to a friend resulted in some sage and simple advice: start with where you are and tell the truth.

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