Hey Delightful You! 

Welcome to your weekly audio LoveGram. 

Thank you for making the time to be here with me and to share in so many ways that we celebrate our lives and the people we love. 


Today’s audio LoveGram brings you a short conversation with my friend, Tricia. We recorded a few minutes for you when she was driving me to the Victoria B.C. ferry at 5:30am last week! 

I’d spent a month with Tricia at her beautiful winery in Cobble Hill. (What a huge treat to get to spend a chunk of time with a dear friend, whom I’ve known for 35 years!)

One of the things we both feel so grateful for in life is that the right people or opportunities come our way when we need help. 

Have you noticed that for yourself? 

To hear more on this topic, listen to today’s audio LoveGram. Click on the link, then scroll down on the page it sends you to, you’ll see the audio player. 


If we think back on our lives, isn’t it rather magical that out of billions of people we have gotten to meet the friends we have? The teachers? The spiritual counselors or therapists? The helpers? 

I believe that when we are open to it, and we TRUST, that the world brings us the help and connections we need. 

TRUST is a big part of it. We need to breathe in deeply and open up to possibility. 

That reminds me! I just heard a snippet of recording I’d made for myself in 2021. It said, “The reality of today does not define the possibility of tomorrow.” 

If you need help with something or you feel overwhelmed, try closing your eyes right now, putting your hand on your heart, and asking for the universe to bring you what you need. 

Believe in the goodness of the world. 

I believe in it. And I believe in YOU! 


My friend, I see you. Even though you may be far away in geography, our hearts are connected. 

Just remember: stay calm and trust. Good things are waiting for you around the corner. I know it. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry