Welcome to your weekly audio LoveGram. 

Today I send you tiny purple buds on the shrub in your front yard.

I send you the glossy blue-black feathers on a raven who stops to say hello to you as you walk the dirt path. 

I send you shadows dancing on the wooden fence. 

Thank you for making the time to be here with me and to share in so many ways that we celebrate our lives and the people we love. 


Today’s audio LoveGram is thanks to Jennifer, who wrote to me in response to Friday’s email, “What’s New.” 

That email was an invitation to you to follow some breadcrumb of inspiration to bring novelty or adventure to your day, even in the tiniest of ways. 

Jennifer said something to me that really made me think! 

She said, “The lifetime of a shared experience goes way beyond the moment it first takes place.

At first glance, this might seem obvious or trivial. But I can tell you, when I read this, it stopped me in my tracks. 

To hear more on this topic, listen to today’s audio LoveGram. Click on the link, then scroll down on the page it sends you to, you’ll see the audio player. 


If we think back on our lives, and the moments that have stood out, we can see that clearly find great joy in memorable moments or shared experiences over and over again. 

Every time we tell a story about something we’ve done with someone or every time we smile while looking at photos, we are extending the lifetime of a moment! 

How can we do this MORE?

That’s what today’s audio LoveGram is all about! 

I hope you will give it a listen as you are walking in nature, resting on your comfy couch, or sweeping the porch. 


My friend, I see you. I appreciate you. I am inspired by you! 

Keep on listening for and looking for those breadcrumbs the universe is dropping at your feet. Follow ’em to someplace new and vibrant. 

Sending love and light your way … now, and always. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry