Hello, my friend. I’m thinking of you and sending some hugs your way. 

You know what else I am sending? 


I have never celebrated Leap Day before, but I got a bee in my bonnet this year and I’m adding it to my list of awesome days. 

I’ll tell you why. 

I looked it up online and discovered that LEAP DAY is a kind of “correction day.” I’m no scientist or mathematician — so don’t quote me on this — but it sounds to me like whomever invented our calendar and the days of the month realized that something was a little “off.” 

That same person (or someone else!) shrugged their shoulders and said, “That’s okay, folks. Every four years we will simply add an extra day to the calendar and that will fix it all up pretty.” 

I can just see the big grin on their face and the way they did that this-way, that-way hand swipe thingie that signifies a job well done. (Is there a name for that gesture?!) 

Isn’t it marvelous that something that impacts everyone who uses the Gregorian calendar (er, billions of people!) could be “corrected” with something as goofy and messy as “we’ll just pop an extra day in the calendar every four years.” 

I love this so much. 

What a huge permission slip! 

We can do this in our own lives! 

We can choose to simply correct things in our lives that seem like they may be very slowly, but surely veering off course. 


I hope that you JOIN ME  for an quick-but-wonderful group coaching session where we take a closer look at this. We will focus on a couple corrections and then feel the soaring LEAP that happens with our reset. 

I can assure you that we will each find at least one thing to “correct” that will lead to a l’il heart leaping! 

When you ask? Next week:

Thursday March 7th from 12n PT-12:30 PT/3pm ET-3:30 ET

LEAP DAY will be over, but it’ll still be LEAP YEAR! 


I know 30 minutes seems short, but it is the middle of a weekday so I know you may have other things going on. But more importantly, I’m practicing creating small spaces of time where big things can happen. 

You will be amazed at how much fixin’ and correctin’ and leapin’ you can do in half an hour! 


I hope to see you there! 

It would be wonderful to say hello and to celebrate LEAP Year together.  

I promise that our time together will be cozy and connecting. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

💖 P.S. If it is still LEAP DAY when you read this, will you offer yourself a small slice of joy by doing a literal leap? When is the last time you did this? 

My friend Tricia and I did some leaps in her living room and boy was that fun! 

I tried to find a video of someone leaping so you could see one in case you’ve forgotten what a leap looks like. But geez, all the videos are professional dancers or runners. This was the best I could find for a simple leap, but it is still way too formal! You just wanna kinda skip a bit, then jump up and swirl your arms in the air. 

If you have someone take a picture of you leaping, that would make me REALLY happy!