How are you, my friend?

I’m thinking of you and popping by with a quick hello.

Today’s message is short, but very important: I want you to know that you can muster up courage. 

Maybe there is something you have to do, but you are afraid to do it. Or maybe you don’t think you can do it. 

But you know what? 



Today, I am celebrating your courage.

I am giving you permission to step out of the old way of seeing yourself and look with new eyes, listen with new ears, and trust with a new bold heart. 


I send you love today, my friend. 

I send you a day that is not afraid. 

You can do it — whatever it is! I believe in you. 

I hope you believe in you, too. 

If you are having a hard time, reach out to someone you love for help. 

If you are energized and feeling good, reach out to someone who needs help! 

We’re all in this together. 

Thanks for who you are and for your beautiful spirit. 

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry