Welcome to your weekly LoveGram. 

I hope this note finds you feeling contented and at peace. I hope it finds you healthy and energetic. I hope it finds you feeling connected to the people you love. 

And if some or none of those things are true, I hope that you are being extra gentle and kind with yourself. I hope that you take good care of yourself and that you reach out to someone so you don’t feel alone. 

Our lives are filled with ups and downs — and everything in between. 

I feel grateful to be sharing in the whole spectrum of human-ness with YOU. 

I am grateful to you for our connection. 


That was the first thing I wanted to say that matters! 

[How are you taking care of YOU and appreciating YOU?!]


If you’ve read my emails from this past month, you know that I’ve been traveling. I was in Austin, TX for a week for a very high-energy work event, a Coaching Summit with my team and Brendon Burchard. 

Then, immediately afterward, I traveled with my son and his dad to France. 

We visited Lyon, where my son was on a study abroad program last semester. We got to see his university and to walk all over the city, seeing some of his favorite places — including an amazing mural depicting the famous folks from Lyon.  

Then, we traveled to Marseille, where my son will be living this coming year and working as a teaching assistant in two middle schools. 

[That’s my son and me in the photo above — with a view of Vieux Port, or the Old Port, behind us!]

What a HUGE gift it was to have the chance to help launch this next chapter of his life! 

I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have spent time traveling with him and his dad — so many beautiful people, parks, and places! 

The trip wasn’t all fun and games, though. We spent a lot of time — so far, unsuccessfully! — searching for housing for my son. 

It didn’t matter whether we were being wow’d by beautiful scenery, having an amazing meal at a café, or re-grouping at our Airbnb after another housing disappointment, it was so important to have that time together. 

There were so many memories that we got to create — and just like I said at the start of this note to you, not all of them were the “ups.” There were also “downs,” too. 

But the important thing was getting to be together.

So, that’s the second thing I wanted to share with you that matters — sharing all of life with people we love. 

Family matters!

[How are you staying connected to the people in your own family? How are you supporting them and inviting in their help when you need it?]


I JUST got back! 

It was a lot of traveling and excitement packed in a short amount of time and wow, am I tired. 

Transitions are really hard for me. It always takes me a while to feel centered and grounded after travel. 

To take care of myself, I made sure not to schedule anything for a couple days. I also am napping, drinking lots of water, and mediating. 

AND, even though I was really looking forward to reconnecting with you, I’m making today’s LoveGram slightly simpler by not including an audio. 

Because you know what the third thing is that matters? Self- care! 

I hope that you always remember to focus on your health and on taking care of yourself. 

It is so important! 

[How are you focusing on your own health and well-being? How are you taking space and giving yourself a break?]


I promise to send you a brand new audio LoveGram next week. In fact, I recorded it with my friend, Rachel, when we were having a glass of wine by the beach in Biarritz! 

I know you will love it. We had a wonderful time thinking of you while we recorded!

I’m signing off for now. 

But I am glad and grateful for our friendship. 

Friendship matters!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry