How are you, my friend? It is the end of the week and I’m thinking of you. No matter how your week went, I hope you will find a reason to appreciate and to be extra kind to yourself. 

I know you have a good heart and you deserve LOVE. 


I’m excited to introduce you to a Celebration Superstar, Sonja Jeanne. 

Sonja is someone who has been in this community for a long time. Throughout the years, she has consistently shown up with support, love, surprises, and countless Say-it-Now messages. 

Just this week, something popped up on my Facebook profile from Sonja. She had heard a quote from my Sunday LoveGram last week and she made it into a beautiful graphic! (See below!) 

You can only imagine how this gift — because it is a gift! — made me feel so seen, loved, and appreciated. 

Sonja took the time to package my words and give them back to me so I could see they were meaningful to her.  


This is just the icing on the yummy cake of wonderful gestures from Sonja. 

Sonja was one of the first people to go to a Target store when they were carrying my book. She bought the book and took a selfie in front of the store! 

She will frequently respond to my emails with enthusiasm and connection — notes to thank me or tell me what resonated with her. 

She loves to see positive things in life and to spread joy. 


Sonja took me up on my offer for a Coffee Klatch (along with many of you!) and during our time together, we had a beautiful talk about how much we love our mothers. 

Afterward, Sonja sent me two candles — one for me and one for my mom! And you know why? Because they are the same kind of candles she and HER mom loved to light to think of one another and to be connected. 

You can see how she thought of a gift that would speak to our conversation and that would also be something I could share with my own mom. 

Also, candles represent LIGHT and Sonja knows how much of a role pinpricks of light play in my life. 

What a layering of celebration she included in that gift! 

Do you get a sense for her thoughtfulness? 

To me, a Celebration Superstar is someone who goes out of their way to create memorable moments of joy and love. Sonja has done this for me so many times and I KNOW she does this for so many people in her life. 


Sonja, when you read this, I hope you will appreciate yourself for being courageous enough to put loving thoughts into action. 

It sounds like a simple thing, but it isn’t! 

So many people might think something thoughtful or might imagine a loving gift, but they don’t follow through. 

Sonja, I see you celebrating life and love — over and over and over!

Thank you! I’m celebrating YOU today! 


Let’s all learn from Sonja! 

  • Did YOU hear something that inspired or touched you this week? If so, will you tell that person? 
  • Did you have a moment of connection with someone? If so, will you send them a special note or a tiny gift that represents that connection? 
  • Does someone in your life need support with a dream? How could you step up to take action to help them, like Sonja did with my book? 

One of the most wonderful things about life is that we can be inspired by and learn from others. 

Will you help me celebrate Sonja by doing something celebratory for someone in YOUR life? 


Celebration is waiting for us. 

It is right here, in this moment, when we love who we are, the people around us, and the shape of our lives. 

It is right here, in the middle of our courage to put love into action. 

I love you and am cheering you on, always. 

Thanks for who you are.

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry 

💝 P.S. Here is the graphic Sonja created for me! 👇 Her post to me on Facebook this week was a Say it Now gift! She reflected back to me something I said that inspired her. What a beautiful thing to receive!