I’m happy you are here. 

We’ve been together every Sunday for the LoveGram since March, 2020, when the pandemic began. 

Many of you have been here years and years longer, even. I think I sent my first newsletter out in 2005. 

Crazy how fast the years go by! 

It’s why we want to make sure we are HERE for them, right?! 

I’m so happy that we are together, navigating all the days the best we can. We’re present to all the ups and downs. We’re here for what life brings us. 

I see your big heart and your willingness to love people and life in new ways! 


In today’s audio LoveGram we are talking about the okay-ness of everything. 

I use the expression “ups and downs” a lot because as humans, isn’t that our experience? Every day is filled with a rollercoaster of experiences — from big highs to low lows, from exhilaration to depression. 

We are built to experience ALL of it. 

When we accept that about ourselves and others, I think it makes it a lot easier to live it.  

The big question is: when we are in one of the “low moments,” can we bring enough mindfulness to it to use that moment as an opportunity to be kind to ourselves?  

I find that kindness and some expression of self-care will naturally be the helping hand I needed to get to a bit of a lighter-feeling place.

Listen to today’s LoveGram by clicking to this page, then scrolling down until you see the audio player in the purple box. 


I’m so grateful for you. 

I’m so grateful for our connection and that we can share what matters most together. 

You inspire me. You do. 

I hope I inspire you, too. 

We can do that for one another. 

Just remember: you are not alone on this journey! We’re in this together!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

💖 P.S. This is your permission slip to remind yourself that no matter how you are feeling or what has happened this week, you are okay. Try offering yourself extreme kindness and see what happens.