Hello! I’m glad to be with you again.

Welcome to our Sunday LoveGram. 

Wishing you a Happy Easter, if you celebrate that holiday. Happy Passover, too.

Or, wishing you a beautiful Resurrection Day, as my friend, Suki used to call it.Β 

When Suki lived in San Francisco, she would always have friends over and we would have conversations about what aspects of ourselves could we connect with it new ways. Or, what brand new parts of ourselves we wanted to bring to life. 

Today, I send you a fancy box filled with things you once loved as a child.  

I send you the sound of a meditation bell at the start of silence. 

I send you a post-it note you wrote for yourself that says, “I love you.”  


In today’s audio LoveGram you’re riding in the car with me and my dear friend, Tricia! 

We recorded this audio for you at the very end of our mini-retreat last weekend, when Trish was driving me home to San Francisco after our two days in Mill Valley. 

Tricia and I are talking about the huge importance of starting the day with a clear directive to ourselves of who and how we want to be. 

This practice can (and does!) literally change lives. 

It is likely you know this already. The question to ask is, “Am I doing it?” 

Listen to today’s LoveGram by clicking to this page, then scrolling down until you see the audio player in the purple box. 


When we begin the day by directing our energy and attention to who want to be, we give ourselves the best possible chance to live the live we most want to live. 

In the audio you will hear Tricia talking about how all her life she has been hard on herself when it comes to her body and how she looks. 

While we were on retreat together, she practiced: “what happens if first thing in the morning, I remind myself that I love my body. I’m grateful for who I am. I accept all the changes that are happening with ages. I start the day with love and acceptance for who I am. “

How can that change anything? 

When she’s putting on make-up, she could remember that she is doing it NOT because she isn’t good enough or needs to hide flaws, but because she wants to celebrate her face with decoration.  

When she goes to workout, she can have the attitude of “I love how strong my body is!” instead of efforting to lose weight. 

When she passes a mirror, instead of looking at “what’s wrong,” she can smile and her herself a little high five. 

Chances are likely that without starting the day with an intention to celebrate her body, she’d fall into old habits of criticism. Isn’t that what most of us do? 


Each of us may have different content β€” maybe it isn’t the body, but we feel dull. Or maybe we get discouraged easily. Or maybe we are quick to anger. 

I used to be terribly self-conscious and anxious. I felt like I was always saying the wrong thing or not interesting at all. 

Years ago, when I started the deliberate practice of walking out the door saying, “I am love,” that changed everything. 

The first, and biggest change, is that it got my attention off of me and onto the rest of life! 

Also, it was like a magic cloak I could wear that gave me permission to express more appreciation, joy, and curiosity. 


That image of a magic cloak just dropped in while I was writing. I love it. Maybe YOU can choose right now, “What is the magic cloak I want to put on today?” 

Do you want to be patient? Kind? Loving? Playful? Generous? Friendly? 

Imagine wrapping that beautiful cloak around you, right now! 

Watch what happens! 

(And please let me know!) 


Bring something new to life today. 

Don’t let events in your life dictate your experience. YOU CHOOSE!

I know you have big, generous love in your heart. Call it out in new ways. You know you can!

And remember: you are not alone on this journey! 

We are all in this together. Listen to today’s audio and hang out with Tricia and me as we drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Seek celebration β€” even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

πŸ’– P.S. My mentor Brendon says, “Common sense is not always common practice.” If you are reading this email or listening to the audio thinking, “I know that,” then ask yourself, “Am I DOING it?”Β 

πŸ’– P.P.S Here’s aΒ link to the 9-minute videoΒ Tricia and I created on another retreat, talking about why it is essential to create space for yourself in this way!Β