How are you, my friend? 

Whether you are up or down or anywhere in between, I hope that you are being kind to yourself. I hope that you are remembering that being human is a complicated process and we need to be diligent about LOVING OURSELVES through the myriad of emotions. 

Never forget that offering love and kindness to ourselves or others is a celebration. 

That loving connection is the joy. It isn’t about what’s happening in our lives, it is how we are being with ourselves. 


It’s Friday and I’m reflecting on my week. Sometimes I like to jot down in my journal moments that really stood out for me. And WHY they stood out. 

Do you ever do that?  

I encourage you to take a few minutes after you read this and give it a whirl. We can learn so much about ourselves and how to best take care of ourselves by taking even just five minutes to make this list and ponder what elements made these moments great. 


One of my favorite memories from this week is what inspired this note to you! 

The celebration moment today is about glee. It is especiallyabout seeking out glee when we are feeling kinda wonky or funky. 

That was me, last Sunday. Feeling kind of down. Feeling uninspired. That “off” feeling which can sometimes lead to a very ho-hum kind of day. (Or even worse — a hard, sad day!) 

But, thankfully, I had made plans weeks before that to attend an event with my niece. 

And, this is where the celebration comes in! 



See that trio of photos up above? Those are from an annual event here in San Francisco called “Bring Your Own Big Wheel.” 

I have the feeling I wouldn’t need to write another word if you click on that link. It is footage from last Sunday and is filled with whoops and squeals. 

It pure, childlike glee.

You can imagine that my weird, down, funky, wonky mood shifted within minutes of being surrounded by happy people, sharing the sunshine and a big hill of big wheelers. 

Afterward, my niece and I were talking about how much the world (and we ourselves!) needs more play and laughter. There’s so much hard stuff going on. There’s so much technology. There’s so much disconnect. 

Those plastic Big Wheels were a great equalizer — who cares what side of the political divide you are on or how much money you have or what your job is! 

Those Big Wheels were also a great connector — the whole crowd was cheering people on and helping them when they took spill. We were all cheering and whooping and clapping in support. 

Those Big Wheels and the goofy, wonderful costumed people on them, were a great big exhale of stress and a great big inhale of glee. 


So, my question to you is, “Where do YOU find glee?” 

When was the last time you allowed yourself to feel silly?  

When was the last time you let yourself out of the box of being a serious, responsible adult — and you dove into frivolity? 

Now, something like the Big Wheel Race may not be your cup of tea. I get that. 

But what is your cup of glee tea? 

  • Would it be getting some friends together to play kick ball in the park? 
  • Would it be making cupcakes with your family and having a decorating contest? 
  • Would it be turning on the music right now and being in your own private “Dancing with the Stars” moment?
  • Would it be blowing bubbles in the park?
  • Would it be going to a Zumba class?

I can tell you from firsthand experience, we need glee. (Especially when we are glum.) 

Will you create a celebration moment for yourself or someone you love?

I hope so! And I hope you will write and tell me about it! 

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry 

✹ P.S. Always remind yourself that it can take actually DOING something to feel better. We don’t have to feel better before doing the thing. (I’m sure there is a better bumper sticker way to say that! If you have one, hit reply and tell me!) 

✹P.P.S Take a look at the list you wrote of your favorite moments from this past week. When you think about what made them memorable, can you use that insight to help you create some great moments in the week ahead? What are the ingredients?