I’m popping by to remind you about some good old-fashioned fun that also makes a great gift. 

Photo Booth pics! 

[Remember them?!]

YES, these pics are an uplifting gift!

Photo booth photos are iconic and always make people smile! You know how one is usually serious and the rest are so goofy and they all print out on a vertical strip? 

Aside from the pic strips themselves, the experience of creating them is also a gift!

Last week, Ian and I were at the bowling alley and there was a photo booth there! We heard lots of giggling from inside the booth. Turns out there was a group of three good friends who have made it a goal to take as many photo booth pics as possible in 2023. 

Haha. What a great goal. You can see a one-minute video of these cuties on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook

Ian and I jumped in the booth after those girlfriends and we were reminded of how completely silly and connecting it is. 


Later, when I was sharing this story with my niece and her boyfriend, they pulled out their iPad and showed me a collection of photo booth pics they’ve taken. 

Turns out, Tara and Garret go to the same photo booth every single year at the start of the year to take those strips o’ pics!

To make it all extra special fun, they also recreate the same zany expressions/postures every year. (They told me they didn’t plan to do this, but when they took year two and placed it next to year one, that had somehow posed in the same way for all four photos!)

[You can see their photos up above!]

Tara and Garret have made this small-but-joyful ritual a part of their relationship. 

It is something that makes the start of the year feel special. It connects them in its uniqueness. AND, it requires an outing to the Musée Mécanique, which is a fun place to go together here in San Francisco!


Don’t know where there is a photo booth near you? Try searching online, “Where are photo booths in _____?” [Insert your town name]. I can’t guarantee there will be one, but you can also put this on your “must-do” list for when you travel. 

Also, as a last resort, there are tons of videos on YouTube for how to set up your own photo booth style photos. That could add a whole extra layer of fun for you and your photo booth partner! 

We all need more joy and celebration right now.

How about if YOU are the one to jumpstart it? 

Make a Photo Booth Date with someone you love. And then, enjoy those photos forever!

Say cheese! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

P.S. Email ME your photo booth pics and you will be uplifting me, too!

P.P.S. Here’s the photo strip from when Ian and I popped into the Bowling Alley Photo Booth! We chose the “wig” option!