A couple weeks ago, I told you about an amazing LOVE LIST quilt that my dear friend, Rachel, surprised me with.

We all know how meaningful it can be to receive a gift that is made with love, right? I told you that story in the hopes of inspiring YOU to create something filled with imagination and heart for someone dear to you this holiday season.

Well, guess what? I just received a video that Rachel made for me as another surprise gift! It’s a video about the making of the quilt and my receiving it.

I’m sharing this with you today to inspire you to consider ways to “double the goodness” with your gifts like Rachel did.

Can you take a photo or video of someone with your gift —like Rachel did for me? Could you have a “Part 2” to the gift and you give it to them a few days after they receive your gift? Is there a way you can share in the gift down the road?

Give yourself the challenge of adding even more creativity and surprise into just one of the gifts you give this winter. I know you will have so much fun!

Creativity, surprise, and whimsy are all wonderful ways to connect to ourselves and the people we love!

You’ll really love this video! Rachel is quirky and creative! You’ll see. Watch the video here.