Want to add some awesome oomph to your friend or family’s visit to your hometown? 

If they’re staying at a local hotel, call a few days ahead of time and ask the front desk if you could drop off some sweet treats and/or flowers and if they’d deliver them to the room your friends are staying in.

When my son’s aunt and uncle were in town recently to celebrate their June birthdays, we snuck over some homemade chocolate chip cookies and bright sunflowers.

Leigh Anne, the concierge at Intercontinental San Francisco was cheerful and friendly. She very willingly agreed to take our goodies up to the room to surprise our relatives. (Plus, she even agreed to this photo so I could share the idea with you!)

Obviously if you have a home that is large enough for guests and people are staying with you, you can still surprise them with flowers or treats. Just place them by the bedside with a little card welcoming them to your home!

Note: This kind of gift is especially important if your relatives or friends are in town for a funeral or memorial service. Consider leaving some soothing lotion or bath oils along with a vase of flowers or baked goods. Your splash of thoughtfulness and care can bring a moment of joy into a very difficult time.

Do you have a favorite way to celebrate out of town guests? I’d love to hear! 

Seek celebration—even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S.  I just wanted to acknowledge Leigh Anne, the hotel concierge, for being such a bright happy person. Think about all of the lives she impacts every day with her positive energy. Our experience could have been very different if she had been grouchy or put off by our request. Who we are in the world truly matters and makes a difference!

P.P.S. What if we left flowers at the concierge for a STRANGER? We could simply write a note: “With love from a stranger who wanted to bring you some added joy to your stay.” What fun! I gotta try that!