You know me … I’m all about “saying it now,” expressing our love, and celebrating, right?!

But I want you to know that I realize how busy you are, how tired you get, and how time just slips away until … oops! drat! … we’ve missed our sister’s 20th anniversary, our cousin’s 40th birthday, our niece’s new job celebration, or (eek!) our own wedding anniversary.

I was on the phone with someone recently who was telling me that she had really wanted to do something special for her husband’s 50th birthday, but the date just completely snuck up on her. Instead of creating a memorable experience for him, she ended up quickly organizing a little last-minute dinner to celebrate.

{Insert the sound of best intentions falling flat.}

The gathering was lovely, sure. It was nice. But when we have intentions to do something that feels once-in-a-lifetime and instead we end up doing the same-ole, same-ole, it can feel disappointing.

The same thing can happen on a smaller scale, as well.

I know so many people who vow to remember and acknowledge their friends’ birthdays every year, but then the busy-busy-rush-rushness of life gets in the way. And … shoot… missed it.

How often does that happen to you?

So here’s what I want to say to you …  Are you listening?

This is my #1 favorite tip to help you love better! We can make sure our best of intentions actually happen if we use a simple tool to help remind us: keep a perpetual calendar of occasions. 

I found some free printable perpetual calendars on Pinterest (say that three times!) that allow you to note all of the important annual events in one place.

If you click that link above, it takes you to the search for “perpetual calendar.”

I like this one, which is simple, festive and fun.


Here is another one I found — this one for sale on Etsy—with pretty floral designs. It is obviously more costly than a free printable, but it looks lovely … and hopefully you’ll keep it for the rest of your life, right?!


You can fill out the calendar and then post it near your desk or somewhere you will have easy access.  (Note: be sure to list the year someone was born or married so you can easily see if a biggie is coming up.)

Once you fill it out, be sure to glance at the calendar at least once a month — I suggest the first day of every month— to see what events are coming up in the next few weeks and also if there are any big events in the next three to six months.
If your spouse’s 50th is six months down the road that gives you plenty of time to plan something amazing. (Maybe a Celebration Book? Maybe a trip or an adventure? Maybe a storytelling event or a hoopla?)

This simple tool makes it really easy to keep track of important occasions of the people you love. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, keep a box near the calendar that is filled with a variety of greeting cards, stationery, stamps, and photos. If someone’s birthday is coming up, you have everything at hand to zip them off a thoughtful greeting.

Your friends and family deserve it, right?

And I promise you, you’ll love how peaceful it feels to know you’re not gonna forget your wedding anniversary this year!





P.S. I realize that you may be saying, “why can’t I just put all these birthdays and anniversaries on my online calendar with everything else?” You can. Of course you can. But my experience is that they can get lost amongst all the other appointments and riff raff. There is simply something more fun and special about having someplace tangible where I keep ’em. But it goes without saying — I hope!— do what works for you. Just do!