Wanna add some creative oomph to your holidays? Consider making someone a one-of-a-kind gift that lets them know you see them, know them, and love them. I’ve got details below on a few low-cost, big-love gift suggestions you can try!


A few really fun ideas for creative gifts that won’t break the bank! 


1.Holiday Hoopla

Every year my West Coast family plans an event we call the Holiday Hoopla for our Midwest family. Instead of giving material gifts, we plan a day full of fun activities, games, and kooky crafts with some kind of theme.

I can’t tell you this year’s theme because my mom reads this blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you can see some previous themes on my website. Maybe this webpage will spark some ideas of your own! It’s really fun to create memories with your loved ones!


2. Audio or Video Interview 

This gift is a treasure for anyone with young kids or elderly parents. All you need to do is interview the children or parents on audio or video, using your smart phone or other recording device. I’ve got some sample questions for you on my website to get you started!

I’ve given and received this gift and can attest to what a treasure it is! My father-in-law passed away several years ago and one of the best memories I have of him is an audio interview in which my then ten-year-old son asked him questions about his life.


3. Custom Dessert o’ the Month Club

This is a great gift for someone elderly or lonely in your life. Or, for someone who loves to receive snail mail! (Who doesn’t?!)

Make a certificate that says, “This entitles the bearer to membership in the Dessert of the Month Club. Every month you will receive edible goodies via the mail. Hope you have the sweetest of holidays and 2018!” Voila! Instant gift ready to give now, but the recipient gets to receive joy all year ’round. (Note: you can switch out sweets for books or music or anything if you have someone in mind who doesn’t eat sugary things!)


I’ve written an eBbook that includes all kinds of ideas just like these. If you need some inspiration on gifts that are creative-not-crafty, you can purchase and download Present Perfect right now for just $10!