The other day my friend Laurie came over to my house. On an impulse, we turned the phone’s video on and recorded a short conversation about how we steady ourselves during difficult times.

Laurie and I talk about how important it is to get aligned and connected during times of darkness and despair. What do we use as a lifeboat when the waters are rockin’ us and we’re scared?

We share how our creativity practices help us find moments of beauty, color, and peace when the world feels wobbly.


What practices support you in your life? 

I hope you’ll watch the first few minutes and take some time to consider what practices you have in your life that really keep you aligned with yourself. What things bring you home and center you so you can be there for others when they need you? Painting? Photography? Writing? Gratitude?

You’ve likely seen my previous posts about the Mr. Rogers’ quote and the world’s “helpers.” Right now there is a huge need for people who can be helpers and who can be bringers of light. To do this, we need to be solid within ourselves.

If you watch past the first segment, you’ll see that we added some information about an offering our friend, Andrea Scher is making that just goes ’til midnight tonight. This offering is a $99 Bundle of Creativity classes which includes Laurie’s Wild Writing class, Andrea’s iPhone photography class, and my own eCourse, Nightlight: Finding Celebration Even in Life’s Darkest Moments.

I encourage you to check out Andrea’s offering to see if any of these classes might support you right now. All but two of them have no expiration date, so you can slowly savor them.


A little more about my class offering (Nightlight) and Laurie’s (Wild Writing)

I’m thrilled that there is a whole new group of people taking my class, “Nightlight: Finding Celebration, Even in Life’s Darkest Moments.” This is a class all about noticing, finding, and creating tiny moments of well-being and joy, no matter what is happening. I consciously created the class in a platform that allows for you to spend just 5 or ten minutes at time in bite-sized chunks. This class is the heart of my work in the world, and I would love to have you join. It is regularly $77, so you can take this class and all the others for just an additional $23!




I can speak from personal experience about Laurie’s class offering, “27 Wild Days.” For many years, Laurie has been offering classes called Wild Writing, in which participants write without judgment, criticism, or expectation. It is an amazing process that helps free me from any attempt to meet any internal or external standards — and just get to tell the truth on paper. I always say that this Wild Writing Practice is so aligned with my Zen Practice because it helps teach me to invite everything into the room — and into my heart. All parts of me are welcome.


What I really want to say… 

There is a lot happening in the world that could easily pull us into the darkness. Be gentle and generous with yourself right now, okay? Take a deep breath often. Give yourself small joys. Ask for help. Connect to others. Reach for the pen or paintbrush and create something from your heart.

Ask yourself, “What do I really need?” Then do your darndest to give yourself whatever it is. And top it off with extra love.

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,


P.S. I would be so honored and delighted to have you in my Nightlight Class! The $99 sale goes til midnight tonight. If you do join, send me a special note to tell me that you did so. I’d like to gift you with a free one-on-one coaching boost call sometime during the time we’re together in the class.