Hello hello!

Last week, a new coaching client sent me a link to her blog. She’d illustrated our coaching session! (That’s it up above!) I just grinned when I saw it.

And it has made me happy every time I’ve looked at it.

If you are someone who is talented at drawing/illustration, I want to tell you what a tremendous gift it is for people to receive your drawings.

I’m going to print Ingrid’s art out and frame it! I love how she depicted me with whimsical clothing and sprinkling some kind of fairy dust. And I love that this drawing is a reminder to myself to do the things that bring joy and excitement to life.

I know some of you are visual artists. I don’t have that kind of talent, but wow-oh-wow do I appreciate it.

Never forget what joy you can bring to others through your art! (This could be drawing, painting, sketching, collage, photography, etc!!)

Anyone else have a story about receiving (or giving!) a personal artwork? C’mon over to my Present Perfect Gifts Group on Facebook and share your story with us. Extra joy credit if you post a photo for me to see!

Seek celebration, even in the dark corners—


P.S. You can check out Ingrid’s nearly-brand-new blog, Lill Notes, and see her other illustrations here. I love her fresh talent, humor, and joy! What an awesome new client, eh? #luckyme

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