It’s been a really tough week with a lot of incredibly difficult and sad things happening in the world.

Today my friend Celenia Delsol posted this note on my Facebook wall for me, along with a link to a beautiful and uplifting video: “With all the political (and some personal) nonsense that’s been going on, I’m finding myself drawn to stories of love. I believe it’s important to follow current events to understand (or at least try to) the forces affecting our lives, but LOVE is a majestic force as well and deserves top billing. Don’t ya think?”

My answer is YES.

Yes, yes, yes.

Love is a majestic force and it does deserve top billing.

(Thank you, Celenia!)

It isn’t always easy to find that place of love and compassion when everything around us can seem like madness.

That’s why I want to share two videos with you!

One is a conversation I had with my dear poet friend, Maya. The other is a tribute to a 42-year-old artist, Briar Bates, who recently passed away.

Grab your favorite mug, fill it with some tea, and get ready for some loving and hopefully thought-provoking conversation …

Finding love in difficult times

Maya Stein sent out a beautiful poem on Tuesday called “Remembering Charlottesville,” which spoke to a memory of inclusiveness and connection in a town that is getting a lot of media attention for hatred and violence.

In this video, I share the poem at the start of the conversation and then Maya and I talk about how to find that place of connection, love, and compassion when it feels elusive.

I apologize for the technology glitches — Mercury Retrograde!— but if you’ll bear with it, I think you’ll find a treasure trove of helpful ideas and tools. I know I did!

I particularly love where the conversation went at minute 20 when we talked about the overwhelm that can happen in times like this. And then a bit later, the question of “what is my role?”

If you listen in, please leave a comment under the YouTube video and let us know what you think.


Briar’s last gift from her friends

This is the video that Celenia posted to my Facebook wall.

When I watched it, I was in tears. I love this beautiful + quirky way that Briar’s friends celebrated her artistic spirit.

I love when one of them said, “Not only does grief not have to be private, it doesn’t have to be sad.”

Take the time to watch this; it is uplifting + life-affirming. You will be filled with light, I promise.

Here’s to seeking celebration, even in the dark corners,