Can you think of a time that you surprised someone with a non-tangible gift?

Or did someone ever surprise you with a memorable moment? 

I’m visiting my family in Ohio. We told them that my beau, Ian, wasn’t going to be able to join us this year. But actually, he planned to fly in separately from me since he had frequent flyer miles on a different airline and he was coming in on a later day than me. 

See that photo up above? This is how Ian “showed up.” He was on the roof of the house, reading a book, when they drove up!

I love the joy of these kinds of moments.

Gifts of the non-tangible nature.

Such fun!

If it was easy for you to remember being surprised or surprising someone, you know what this experience is like and how it stands out. Some of these moments we remember forever because they were so unusual. 

I’m hoping this post might inspire you to create a magical surprise moment for someone in your life today!

What would it be? Anything come to mind? 

Here are a few magical moment ideas to jumpstart your creativity:

  • Have some bubble containers handy and surprise your children when they come home for dinner by blowing bubbles as they arrive. 
  • Set the table with all the good china, linen napkins, and candles — even if you’re having pizza for dinner. 
  • Pack up a blanket, red/white checked cloth, and a picnic basket full of dessert. Then pile everyone in the car and head to an overlook to watch the sunset someplace beautiful. 
  • Turn on the stereo and have a dance party
  • Print up an old photo of your sister or best friend from when you were kids. Buy a game of “Twister” at a thrift shop or on Ebay. Serve up your favorite childhood food and delight in the memories. 

If you have a story to share of a favorite surprise, I hope you’ll post your story on my blog — in the comments!