A tiny bubble gift for a small stranger.

I was shopping this morning at a local Walgreens. The cashier was ringing up all my purchases when I heard the word, “bubbles!” whispered behind me.

I turned around and there was this darling little girl dressed head to toe in pink. She must have been about seven years old. Her mom was beside her, holding a bottle of shampoo she was about to buy.

The girl was looking at my purchases about to be bagged: a pile of small bottles of bubble solution I was getting for Sunday’s Bubble Flash Mob.

I smiled at the little girl and said, “Would you like some bubbles?”

She said, “yes!” and flashed this shy, quick, little smile at me.

The bubble containers were blue, yellow, and pink. I knew which color she’d choose, of course. But I said, “What color would you like?”

She said, “pink!” in the cutest squeaky little voice.

When I handed her the bubbles, she just grinned at me. And she held them up to her mom with glee.

Twenty-five cents. That’s what that little pink bottle of bubble solutions cost. The gift to me of that little’s girl’s smile? Priceless.

We just don’t know when the opportunity for a small gift to a stranger might present itself. I’m glad I was paying attention.

Listen as you go about your life. And if you hear a little whisper — “bubbles” or otherwise — heed the call.

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A big bubble gift for many strangers.

Hey. This Sunday, April 2, at 11:11am, I’m hosting a Bubble Flash Mob at Dolores Park in San Francisco, near the Children’s Playground. If you live nearby, please c’mon over and join the fun.

BYOB. (Bring Your Own Bubbles!)

The lovely Andrea Scher of Superhero Life will be co-hosting the party with me.

And my beau, Ian, will be making cow-sized bubbles! (He’s very generous and will let anyone who wants to, try a hand a big big bubble making!)

If you don’t live near me, consider buying a few bottles of bubble solution, heading over to your local children’s playground, and joining in the fun with us at whatever time 11:11am PT is for you.

Gift a few people with bubbles and invite them to your own Bubble Flash Mob. Seriously, even if there are two of you, I promise you it will bring a sparkle of delight to anyone around.

Bubble Flash Mobs are such inexpensive ways to gift a whole bunch of strangers with a whole lot of magic.

Try it.

Let me know.

Post photos below!

I’ll share mine with you next week.