Hearts are heavy right now.

No matter what side of the political fence you’re on, it is likely you’ve felt the divisiveness and anger that has enveloped our country these past few months.

I know I have.

In response to all of that fear and anger, I’m hosting a free call to support people in creating a Love List on the spot for someone they know who may have a troubled heart.

What’s a Love List? Why, it is simply a list of everything you can think of — sweet, funny, memorable, sassy, sexy, kind — about someone in your life. It’s free to make and invaluable to receive.

I’ve invited Maya and Amy of The Creativity Caravan to join me in offering ten creative prompts to walk you through making a Love List you can then send as a Valentine’s Gift to bring light to someone in the dark.

If you were on the Love List call on The New Black Friday, you’ll remember that Maya and Amy had some really helpful tips to share about creativity — even for folks who may not think you have a schmidgin of creativity in you. (You do! And much more than a schmidgin!)

On this call, they’ll be back with even more helpful hints.

We’ll make it easy + fun!

And we’ll make our lists together, on the spot.

No opt-in, no sales. Just pure creativity + love.

It won’t cost you a dime to put your love into action for someone who truly needs it right now.

Please show up for this.

I’m certain there is someone in your world who needs a pinprick of light.

Click here for a l’il more information.

Or simply show up with paper, pen, and a willing heart!

Sunday, February 5th
4pm PT/7pm ET
Call-in number: 641.715.3655
Code: 309893#

Let’s put our hearts on the line,