I just found out that this week is Universal Letter Writing Week. Woo hoo! What a great time to surprise someone you love with a handwritten letter letting them know how they’ve impacted your life.

If that handwritten part gets ya feeling sour, go ahead and give yourself permission to type that letter. Don’t let something like written vs. typed or what kind of paper stop you. Lower the bar, like this: “I’m going to write my Aunt Sarah just two sentences telling her how much I appreciate that she encouraged me to paint when I was little.”

Can you imagine how moving it is to receive a note from someone letting you know how you’ve impacted their life?

Now try this? Imagine receiving a WHOLE BOOK full of these kinds of appreciative and loving notes! That’s what the Celebration Books I make are like.

Except they’re even better.

Because they are love notes and appreciation notes and storytelling and wishes and photos. And, they are a compilation of all these wonderful things from the recipient’s closest kin, colleagues, and friends.

The sample photos on this page are from a book I created from Jane and her siblings to their father a few years ago. It’s a favorite because they had so many heartwarming photos like that one of Harry as a toddler. Or when he walked Jane down the aisle at her wedding! And I love that Jane had a drawing she made of her dad when she was a kid! Here’s what Jane said:

This was the best present I’ve ever given my Dad. He loved the book, as did my siblings. Your work is really powerful in that it helped connect my whole family, which is really valuable to me. Thank you SO much for getting it done so quickly under such a short deadline — and for doing an amazing job. It will be a keepsake we can have for many years. I will keep spreading the word about your amazing work.


These books truly are like a book of love letters. And I’m proud and happy that the process of creating the books is also something that brings a lot of joy.

Like Jane said, it connects the family because everyone is in on this wonderful surprise for someone they dearly love. Folks are digging up old photos and sharing almost-forgotten stories. The books help remind everyone of what is truly important in life: the people we love.

If you have a special birthday, anniversary, wedding, or graduation coming up in 2017, consider a Celebration Book. Check out a sample birthday book, wedding book, or graduation book. Email me if you have questions about the process, cost, or anything else.

In the meantime, grab a pen or cozy up to your computer and write a few sentences to someone you love. I promise you, it’ll be an amazing pinprick of light in their day! (And yours, too!)

Sherry Richert Belul